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Week Beginning 15/1/18

In Reception this week children have read ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘Walking through the Jungle’.  Children worked hard all week on lots of exciting activities from making their own fruit salads using tools safely, writing new pages for a class book and creating some amazing pieces of art.  Children made Masai necklaces, baskets, African silhouette pictures and a collage inspired by Henri Rousseau’s ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’.  Children have also been looking at patterns in nature and used this to create shape pictures and patterns.

Week Beginning 8/1/18

This week in Reception children have read a variety of stories that include pets and have completed lots of exciting activities based on these stories.  After reading ‘The Great Pet Sale’ children used money to pay for pets and after reading ‘Mog the forgetful Cat’ children explored our sensory garden and made potions using things Mog might find in her garden – the smell was amazing!






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