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Week Beginning 14/5/18

In Reception this week children have started their learning about Pirates and Mermaids.  The have enjoyed creating treasure maps, used halving to share pirates treasure and wrote their own messages in bottles.

On Thursday Reception took part in Outdoor Classroom Day and enjoyed creating leaf sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and the book ‘Leaf Man’.  They made Tree Spirits using natural resources and explored the pond.

On Friday Reception celebrated The Royal Wedding by understanding who the royal family are, who is getting married and helped Prince Harry and Meghan get ready for the wedding by writing menus, guest lists, made love potions and then celebrated the wedding themselves by participating in our School Royal Picnic.

Once again Reception have had lots of fun learning…Go Reception!

Week Beginning 7/5/18

This week in Reception children have been learning about ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.  Children created lists of jobs for the light keeper, wrote instructions for how to make a lighthouse sandwich and explored the importance of jobs at sea; lighthouse keepers and lifeboats. Children have been enjoying using vocabulary related to half for items, numbers and shapes. Children also attended an Assembly earlier in the week which was run by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Week Beginning 12/3/18

This week in Reception children have been learning about the seaside.  Children listened to a variety of stories based around the seaside.  These stories provided children with opportunities to explore our own rock pool, create lists for things we would take to the seaside with us and what it was like at the seaside a long time ago after sharing ‘When I was little like you’.  We have used shapes to create seaside pictures.















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