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Week Ending 11/10/19

This week in Reception children have used the stories ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘Rosie’s Walk’ to help prepare us for our Sponsored Walk.  We used these stories for retelling the stories and understanding of positional language. Well done to all the children who participated in their first Sponsored Walk at Newberries.  We had lots of fun completing our walk and then even went on our own Autumn Adventure.

Week Ending 4/10/19

This week in Reception children have continued the theme marvellous me after lots of interest. Children have been exploring a variety of activities including investigating height, understanding how to stay healthy, including eating, sleeping and exercise, and investigation their bodies by looking at our similarities and differences. We ended the week with World Smile Day, we shared a poem and played a game called Guess who’s smile. See if you can spot your child’s smile too.

Week Ending 27/9/19

This week in Reception children have been talking about their families and the people that are special to them. They have investigated the number one and understand that it is one object, one movement or one finger. We finished the week thinking about Rosh Hashana and know that Jewish people like to eat sweet things such as honey to start the new year in hope for a good year ahead. So we decided to find out where honey comes from, how it is made and then added so art to make our own team hive using methods of printing in art.

Week Ending 20/9/19

This week in Reception we have been working on belonging and have focused on our groups; Caterpillars, Kippers, Elmers, Gruffalo and Rainbow Fish. Each day this week we celebrated one of these groups by reading the story and participating in a variety of activities linked to the stories. We have used these stories to celebrate our differences and help us think about things such as sharing. We have also thought about people who we can talk to if we feel worried or upset about something during circle time with the help of Jigsaw Jenie and Jerry Cat.

Week Ending 13/9/19

This week children have been introduced to Jigsaw Jenie who is used as part of our circle time. We have enjoyed getting to know each other with the help of Jigsaw Jenie. We have been thinking about our feelings and things that we enjoy, helping us to understand that we are all different.

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