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Year 2

Week Beginning 9/7/18

On Thursday, Year 2 enjoyed their marble jar treat, which was voted by the class, to build dens.
We went out to the wildlife area in groups and the children chose logs, twigs, leaves and pieces of bark to make dens for their teddies and toy figures.
After this, the children enjoyed a cold drink and some popcorn in the shade.

Week Beginning 2/7/18
This week in English, we have been learning to describe characters. We have been sharing our descriptions with the class.
Week Beginning 18/6/18

As part of our new D.T topic, Dips and Dippers, the children evaluated dips. First, they smelt the dips and then tasted hummus, raita, salsa, thousand island and guacamole. Next, the children completed a table on smell, taste, texture and appearance. We learnt which countries the dips originated from.
The most popular dip in Year 2 was hummus. The least popular was raita. I was very pleased that all the children tasted all the dip, even if they were unsure of them.

















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