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Year 2

Week Beginning 17/9/18

In Art, we have been learning about an abstract artist called Piet Mondrian. We have created our own primary coloured collages based on his ideas


Week Beginning 16/7/18

As part of D.T, Year 2 made dips. Their favourite dips were salsa and hummus and we chopped, peeled, blended, mixed and tasted our two dips! The children enjoyed showing their parents and eating them during Celebration Afternoon on Wednesday! There were some left over so they carried on enjoying the dips and dippers on Thursday as a treat!

Week Beginning 9/7/18

On Thursday, Year 2 enjoyed their marble jar treat, which was voted by the class, to build dens.
We went out to the wildlife area in groups and the children chose logs, twigs, leaves and pieces of bark to make dens for their teddies and toy figures.
After this, the children enjoyed a cold drink and some popcorn in the shade.

Week Beginning 2/7/18

This week in English, we have been learning to describe characters. We have been sharing our descriptions with the class.

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