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Year 3

Week Beginning 9/7/18

As Year 3 draws to an end we have been reflecting back about the year. We discussed different topics we have learnt about and what we have enjoyed and then turned them in to acrostic poems.

Week Beginning 2/7/18

Despite missing Mr Mellor, Year 3 have had a fun week. This week in Maths they have been learning about 3D shapes. On Monday they went on a shape scavenger hunt around the playground before going on to describe 3D shapes on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday they spent constructing shapes using art straws or investigating nets of a cube. It has been lovely teaching them this week.

Week Beginning 18/6/18

For our adventure stories in English we have been creating action scenes. We recreated slow motion battles whilst thinking of interesting descriptive vocabulary, we then used these words and phrase to write excellent action scene.






















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