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Year 3

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Week Ending 11/10/19

This week in English we have been studying different types of potery, we have mainly been focusing on ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. We have acted out the poem and used his style to create our own poems.

 Current English Topic – Poetry

Current Maths Topic –  Mental addition and subtraction

Week Ending 4/10/19

This week Year 3 have been learning about the food that people from the Stone Age ate. We hunted high and low around the school field for examples of different foods that had been hidden. We will then be turning them into an appetising menu, anyone for mammoth’s brain on toast?

Current English Topic – Fables

Current Maths Topic –  Written subtraction

Week Ending 27/9/19

This week Year 3 have enjoyed acting out fables, this has been preparation for writing our own fables next week.  A highlight of the week was taking part in the Virtual Reality workshop which focused the stone age. Thank you to all parents who attended meet the teacher today; I look forward to seeing you again at Parent Consultation evening.

Current English Topic – Fables

Current Maths Topic –  Multiplication

Week Ending 20/9/19

In science we have started to look at our topic of rock and soils. We started by classifying and sorting different objects based on their characteristics, the children were really enthused by all the different categories they could find and did a great job sorting them. 

Week Ending 13/9/19

It has been a busy start to the year and we have settled well back in to school life. This week in maths we have been studying place value. We have been applying our knowledge to play maths games which involve dice. Ask your children to explain the game they played and maybe you could play it at home.

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