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Year 4

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Week Ending 11/10/19

In PSHE this week, Year 4 have been discussing the importance of choices and how we always have a choice to make when deciding our actions in life. To display this, each group created a freeze frame to demonstrate different positive and negative choices being made.

Week Ending 4/10/19

In History, year 4 have been continuing their topic of the Stone Age. This week, we were studying homes and how and why they developed over the millions of years of the Stone Age.

Week Ending 27/9/19

We are studying states of matter in Science this term in Year 4. This week, we discussed how matter can change state from a solid to a liquid by melting. To see this in action, we heated up pieces of chocolate and investigated when they changed to a liquid to discover their melting points!

Week Ending 20/9/19

We are studying the Stone Age for our topic this term in Year 4. Today, we discussed the different pigments the people of the Stone Age would have used for their cave paintings and we began to experiment with similar pigments. We used a variety of natural materials, from berries to mud, to create our Stone Age figures!

Week Ending 13/9/19

Year 4 have made a very positive start to the term with lots of wonderful work being produced! Today, for Roald Dahl day, we discussed magical dream homes. We spoke about where they would be and what they would look like, using James and the Giant Peach as our inspiration.

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