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Year 6

Week Ending 19/7/19

This week Year 6 have been writing poetry and rehearsing their assembly.  Today Mrs Dawson (who taught them in Reception) came to visit.  We had fun recreating the class photo from Reception with her.

Isle of Wight update Day 1

We have arrived at the hotel after a very exciting afternoon at the Mary Rose. We’ve just finished dinner and are now heading to the beach! 😀

Isle of Wight update Day 2

We have all had a fantastic day today although very busy. We had a fact filled morning at Carisbrook Castle (with amazing views) followed by an exciting afternoon at Robin Hill. Robin Hill was a big favorite, with everyone enjoying the many activities! Currently playing crazy golf. Roll on tomorrow!

Isle of Wight update Day 3

Another lovely day with our wonderful Year 6 pupils. They loved the boat trip to The Needles and the gift shop at Alum Bay! This afternoon we enjoyed a peaceful ramble up to Swiss Cottage at Osborne House, where the children were very engrossed in their task to find out about Queen Victoria’s children! Off to the beach again this evening.

Isle of Wight update Day 4

We started the day with a stroll through Shanklin Chine before heading to the theatre workshop. The team there were most impressed by how ‘theatrical’ the class were! This afternoon was spent at The Monkey Haven where we had a very interesting tour and a chat with the gibbons!Looking forward to bowling tonight.Year 6 have been great fun to be with this week!

Week Ending 28/6/19

This week Year 6 have enjoyed performing in ‘Bugsy Malone’.  We are all very proud of them and are very impressed at their acting, singing and dancing skills! On Thursday the class had an enrichment day where they learnt about Costa Rica, a highlight of the day was creating Molas.  These are traditional dress designs.

Week Ending 21/6/19

This week some of Year 6 enjoyed taking part in the cricket festival where they demonstrated excellent skills and team work.  In English this week we have started an Isle of Wight project and have been finding out about its geography and history.  Year 6 have been very busy rehearsing their play and are looking forward to sharing it with you next week!

Week Ending 14/6/19

This week our class organised and ran a multi-sports festival for the juniors. Events included target throwing, bean bag throwing, balancing activities, speed bounce, slalom and hula hooping. Years 3, 4 and 5 all enjoyed activities in their groups of 5 or 6. On Thursday,  Radlett Cricket Club led an Assembly. Throughout the day, workshops were provided for each class. Two teams were formed and a match was played. A large soft  ball was thrown which you had to hit  otherwise you would be out. Our class game ended as a draw at 70-70

Week Ending 7/6/19

This week, Year Six have been working hard to write a short story and a newspaper article. They have successfully been using narrative techniques when writing.  Year Six enjoyed remembereing D-Day and in particular learning about the role Phylis Latour Doyle played during the war.  In Maths Year 6 have started our ‘theme park’ project-where they are creating plans to create profits for a theme park that they have designed.  We have also enjoyed starting rehearsals for our school production, ‘Bugsy Malone’.

Week Ending 24/5/19

This week, Year Six have enjoyed taking part in our Year 6 ‘apprentice’ challenge.  They came up with group names and completed a branding and an advertising task.  Today we have been outdoors where the children have taken inspiriation from the Chelsea Flower Show and created their own minature gardens.

Week Ending 17/5/19

This week, Year Six have demonstrated a mature and hard-working approach to the tests that they have taken this week.  We are very proud of all of them! However the children have many more talents, as seen today in our talent show.  We have throughly enjoyed the acting, singing, comedy, musical performances, tap dancing and ballroom dancing talents displayed by members of the class. It was amazing to find out that so many children in Year 6 have incredible skills that nobody even knew about!

Week Ending 10/5/19

This week, Year Six have started our ‘Mexico’ topic.  They have been learning about where places are in Mexico and about the Maya civilisation.  A few weeks ago Mr Oliver Dowden came to visit us and answered questions that we had prepared.  Please see Newsberries for more information about his visit. 

Week Ending 5/4/19

This week, Year Six had fun participating in the science workshop where they learnt more about electricity.  Today the children have been baking! They formed companies and designed cakes for the Royal family to celebrate the birth of a new Royal baby.  The children worked very hard throughout all aspects of this process and the cakes were delicious – well done Year Six!

Week Ending 29/3/19

This week, Year Six have been having fun debating and writing about whether school unifrom should be abolished.  In History they have been acting out and writing about the battle of Bosworth and learning how the War of the Roses ended. As part of our Design and Technology topic the class have created cake companies and are in the process of designing cakes. 

Week Ending 22/3/19

This week, Year Six have been practicing conversations in French. This involved asking and answering questions about their age (Quel âge as-tu?), what is your name? (Comment tu t’appelle?) and how are you feeling? (Comment ca va ?). Year Six have also taken part in the British Science Week ‘Brilliant Birds Paper Engineering Challenge’ and have created birds out of card.

Week Ending 15/3/19

As part of our Science and English topic Year Six have been researching and writing about Charles Darwin.  They have used the features of biographies to create their own biography about Charles Darwin. As part of learning related to comic relief Year Six took part in a world trading game where each group represented different countries. We had a good discussion about the trading sytem and gained an understanding of how trading relationships work.

Week Ending 8/3/19

Year Six have had fun celebrating world book day.  They thoroughly enjoyed the assembly led by author Sue Hampton and wrote some great character descriptions during the workshop. On Thursday afternoon Year 6 visited Reception and read them a story.  They returned to the classroom and have written and illustrated books for younger children.

Week Ending 1/3/19

This week Year 6 have been thinking about the values that are important to us.  Through role- play and writing they have been showing how we can reflect these values in school.

Week Ending 15/2/19

This week we have enjoyed a range of activities: our last trip to HABs, a Chinese New Year workshop and a farewell party for me where the children ate lots of sugar! We have had a lovely last week together and I will miss Y6 immensely. Thank you to both the children and to the parents for your presents, support and well wishes. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Week Ending 8/2/19

Year Six had a wonderful time at HABs boys’ school doing a variety of science experiments relating to light.  They enjoyed reflecting images and words and creating rainbows.

Week Ending 25/1/19

Today the children enjoyed their visit to HABs where they experienced their first taste of Secondary School. In Science today, the children created pin-hole cameras and learnt how light rays from a distant object can pass through the pin-hole and form an image on the screen at the back of the box.

Week Ending 18/1/19

This week in Science we have been learning about how mirrors reflect light and help us to see objects. We have also learnt about the ‘Law of Reflection’.  The class worked in pairs to test this theory by using blue-tac to stand a mirror up on their whiteboards. They made a very narrow slit in a piece of card and then shone the light source through the slit to see the reflection of light.  Their very last task was to measure the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection.

Week Ending 14/12/18

This week Year 6 have been learning about the digestive system. We began by watching Mrs O doing the ‘poo experiment’ and then we wrote about how food turns into waste from the perspective of a piece of food. Here are a few for you to read – we hope you like them.

Also last Friday, some children decided to make a video promoting Newberries. Watch and be amazed.

Week Ending 7/12/18

“Year 6 enjoyed their Hare Krishna enrichment workshop. We learnt about their traditions and enjoyed role-playing their Gods.  We got a real insight how Hindu’s live their lives.”

Lucy and Millie

Week Ending 30/11/18

Year 6 have had a busy week:  they have been learning their assembly as well as getting ready for the Christmas fair on Sunday. In English we have create some adverts using audacity. We have uploaded one for you to listen to.

Week Ending 23/11/18

Christmas has started early in Y6! Every afternoon has been spent on DT – making a stall for the Christmas Fair. The children have come up with some great ideas for games and are busy working together to create them for you to play next weekend. We do hope you like them!

Week Ending 16/11/18

This week there were two trips in Year 6: Lincolnsfield Centre and Queens. The children behaved beautifully at both and again made us proud. It was a pleasure to take such enthusiastic and well-mannered children to both establishments.   We hope that the children thoroughly enjoyed the WW2 experience day as well as meeting a real war veteran.

Week Ending 9/11/18

WW1 Week in Y6

Week Ending 26/10/18

Year 6 enjoyed their music enrichment activity this week especially having a ‘drum off’ with each other. Here are a few photos from their fun-filled experience.

Week Ending 19/10/18

Year 6 enjoyed their PE enrichment workshop this week. Children were taught how to balance on a skateboard, how to jump on and off as well as a few tricks.

Year 6 – Fun on skateboards! updated

Week Ending 12/10/18

Year 6 were amazing this Tuesday. We went to Queens and had a fabulous hockey festival, so good that one team made it through to the next level. As a class, they demonstrated teamwork and sportsmanship – a pleasure to take as they represented our school so beautifully. Well done Y6.

Week Ending 5/10/18

Happy World Smile Day. Today we spent the day writing poems and making ‘smile’ cushions

Week Ending 28/9/18

For European Day of Languages we learnt German. The children had a mini conversation with each other and then we learnt some songs. We hope you enjoy listening to our song.


Week beginning 17/9/18

For the last two weeks, Year 6 have based their English work on The BFG by Roald Dahl. This week they have enjoyed trying and making their very own scrumdilumptious  Frobscottle.


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