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Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Miss Reilly Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hanns Other adults who help us in the classroom are Mrs Wren Our PE day is Wednesday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Celebration, Reception 2020-2021

Week Ending 25/6/21

This week in Reception we were so excited to see our first ladybird emerge from its pupa and are excited to see how many we have.   

We have been reading the Snail and the Whale and went on an adventure around the world.  We write letters from the snail to the whale using black paper and special glittery pens – a big hit in Reception this week!  We also shared our experiences of holidays and the places that we have visited.  We know that places around the world can be very different, for example some places are hot and others are cold.  We found out about snails and even took part in a mathematical investigation after reading One is a Snail and Ten is a Crab. 

Week Ending 18/6/21

This week in Reception we read What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday as it was the Queen’s birthday.  We went off on an adventure on a red double decker bus around the landmarks of London and visited Tower Bridge, London Zoo and The London Eye.  Children then shared their own experiences of London and the zoo.  Some children created their own mini London buses and wrote about their experiences, while others worked together to build a large-scale map of London including London’s famous Landmarks using the large construction in the outdoor classroom.  We found out about the Queen, wrote her letters or birthday cards, which we have sent to her, and created some very impressive portraits of her, which we also sent.  

We were very excited to see the arrival of our larva and cannot wait to watch them change and grow into ladybirds.

Week Ending 11/6/21

This week in Reception the children have been busy reading What the Ladybird Heard and What the Ladybird Heard Next by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite authors.  The children have been learning the signs for the farm animals from the story and have used these as actions in a song called What the Ladybird Heard. They were eager to help the police by sharing Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len’s plan to steal the fine prize cow and created wanted posters that described what they looked like.  After discovering that Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len were up to no good again in What the Ladybird Heard Next the children decided to design and build traps to stop Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len from stealing the big red hen from our school.  Some children decided to help Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len by providing them with a map of our school which included features and directions for how to get to the big red hen!

Week Ending 28/5/21

I cannot believe we have come to the end of another half-term, we have had so much fun learning together.  This week we continued with our Once Upon a Time Theme and focused on the story ‘It’s the Troll!’, a version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  The children have loved the Sally Grindley stories so much and they have opened up so many learning opportunities.  

This week’s story enabled us to investigate floating and sinking and air as a force.  We designed, made and tested boats and bridges, as well as creating wanted posters for the Troll, predicting what he might look like in order to keep The Goats safe.   

The Reception Team would like to thank you once again for your continued support. We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you back on Monday 7th June.

Week Ending 21/5/21

This week in Reception we have been reading Keep Out! Children made predictions based on the story and predicted that the story might be about Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  We went to explore our school for living things in the hope there were no bears living at our school.  We discovered that our frogspawn were now tadpoles and were excited to see them swimming around.  The children decided that it was the bears that needed to beware of Goldilocks and decided she should not have gone into The Bears’ home so wrote sorry letters on behalf of Goldilocks.  When Goldilocks asked for help to design a new chair for Baby Bear, the children were keen to draw and label their designs and create these.  I’m sure you are very impressed too! The children ended the week by making and tasting porridge; plain, sugar and honey, and we discovered that sugar flavoured porridge was the most popular in our class, with 16 children choosing this as their favourite.

Week Ending 14/5/21

Last week we took part in a whole school Enrichment week based around David Attenborough’s birthday.  The children found out who David Attenborough was and what he has done that makes him special.  We read Somebody Swallowed Stanley, watched Go Jetters and A Whale’s Tale to understand how humans have made a negative impact on our world through pollution and were very very saddened by The Great Garbage Patch; a collection of plastic pollution that is as large as a country and floats in the sea.  Even though we found this very sad, we worked together to think about the ways we can help to look after our world.  The children made earth prints and shared their promises to the Earth and created sea collage animals which will be on display in the hall as part of a whole school display.  

“The future of humanity and indeed all life on earth depends on us.” David Attenborough

This week the children have enjoyed reading Help! A story based on The Three Little Pigs.  During this week the children have had lots of fun making wanted posters, acting out the story, building houses from straw, sticks and bricks and investigating the materials that are  used to build our homes.  The children enjoyed taking part in a science experiment to see if we could blow items and make them move using air as a force.  A highlight for this week was going on a wolf hunt and looking for clues.  The children used these clues to write a letter to The Three Little Pigs in the hope that they might be able to find The Big Bad Wolf.  

We ended the week by reflecting on our mental health as part of Mental Health Awareness week and used the theme Nature to take part in some outdoor learning including, tree spirits and leaf printing.  We watched our butterflies emerge from their cocoons and set them free to start their very own journey in our wildlife area.

Week Ending 23/4/21

This week in Reception we had an exciting arrival of our own baby caterpillars.  When they arrived they were really little but over the week they have already changed so much.  We read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and looked at the life cycle of a caterpillar.  The children are very excited to watch our caterpillars go through the metamorphosis stages as they change into butterflies and then set them free.  The children made pattern pillars and created their own symmetrical butterflies and the children investigated doubles to replicate the idea of using the same number of counters on each wing in a symmetrical pattern.  They also investigated the fruits from the story and took part in tasting activities and potion making to develop language of describing words. 

We ended the week reading George and the Dragon to celebrate St George’s Day.

Week Ending 16/4/21

This week in Reception children have settled back into their routines quickly. We started the week by reading ‘Shhhh!’ which the children absolutely loved, you could have heard a pin drop as the suspense filled the room as we tiptoed through the Giants castle. They have asked for this to be read again and again throughout the week. The children decided that the castle probably belonged to the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and some children decided to write their own versions of the story. The children were very excited to learn about real castles and developed lots of vocabulary linked to our learning which we displayed on a giant beanstalk up the wall. The children could not believe how many new words they learn each day. They have also been observing the beanstalks they planted before Easter which have now started to grow. Finally we thought about our own adventures if we had our own magic beans… who knows maybe one day our beans will reach up into the sky….!

Week Ending 26/3/21

This week in Reception the children have been learning about spring linked to last week’s minibeasts and frogspawn investigation (which the children are still exploring daily!). The children were keen to explore our school grounds to look for signs of spring after reading Guess How Much I Love You in the Spring. The children worked together to find different signs of spring such as daffodils, buds on the trees and a few bees buzzing around the flowers.

The children looked at the Christian story of Easter and the Jewish story of Passover and were eager to listen to children telling the stories of their beliefs to one another.

The children worked hard to make their yummy chocolate nests and baskets and we ended the week with a visit from the Easter Bunny and we’re very pleased to find lots of yummy treats. Thank you to the FoNS for arranging this for us.

The children have worked so hard since their return to school. I wish them all a restful Easter break.

Week Ending 19/3/21

This week in Reception we have spent lots of time out and about investigating the school grounds. We started the week with a trip to the pond to look for frogspawn after reading Tadpole’s Promise. We were lucky enough to find some frog spawn on our arrival and took some back to class to make observations. We can’t wait to see what happens to the frogspawn over the next few weeks. 🐸 We then continued our investigations to see what else lives on our school grounds and went on a minibeast hunt. We found worms, ants, earwigs, spiders and ladybirds and look forward to continuing our investigations throughout next week and the summer term as the weather gets warmer. We hope we will see lots more including bees and butterflies. 🐝 🦋 

We ended the week with Superworm and helped to write and create our own potions to capture the Wizard and save Superworm. 🪱 🧪 🧙‍♂️ 

We have been working hard on consolidating our phonics and have spent time using the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds to read and spell words. We have also been consolidating our number work to ten and have been investigating ten frames, using language of one more/one less, ordering numbers and number bonds.

Week Ending 12/3/21

It has been great to have the children back in our classroom! We have enjoyed spending the time with the children and have focused on Conker the Chameleon this week.  We discovered that chameleons camouflage but that they also change colour according to their mood, they can turn red or black if they are feeling angry.  Conker discovered he was a little bit different and couldn’t change his colour but helped lots of other chameleons along the way to use their words to talk about how they were feeling.  In the end he realised it was pretty awesome just being him! Children used this story to think about their positive attributes and made self-portraits.

Week Ending 5/3/21

This week in Reception children continued with their dinosaur focus and looked at Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.  Children helped to make lost posters, imagined where the dinosaurs may have ended up and wrote postcards from the dinosaurs to Harry.  The children also took part in World Book Day and completed a variety of activities based around ‘After the Fall’.  They also made their own potato characters and read books in weird and wonderful places.  Even though we couldn’t all be together we met on Google Meets to share our favourite books and some of us dressed up too.  We spent time reading a class favourite ‘The Gruffalo’ and singing the Gruffalo Song.   It was great to see so many children taking part in Screen Free Friday with activities from baking to outdoor learning opportunities.  We ended the week feeling very excited, knowing that the children would be back with us on Monday.

See you all on Monday 🙂

Week Ending 26/2/21

This week in Reception we had an exciting arrival of an egg. Children thought carefully about what might be inside and how we might need to look after it.  It was suggested that it could in fact belong to a dinosaur so we decided to find out more about dinosaurs.  Children researched their own chosen dinosaurs and then wrote labels for their key features which made them unique, for example some dinosaurs had wings and others had very long necks. On the arrival of the egg we also found some footprints so we decided to use non-standard measures to work out how big the footprints were in the hope that this would help us further.  We know that dinosaurs lived a very long time ago and that paleontologists use fossils such as bones, teeth and coprolites (dinosaur poo) found in the soil to find out about dinosaurs.  This gives them information about things such as size and diet.  We investigated dinosaur poo in our experiment to find out what dinosaurs ate, we know that dinosaurs ate plants and were herbivores and others ate meat and were carnivores.  Then we investigated dinosaur bones and arranged them back together again in the hope that we would be able to see the features of the dinosaur and be able to identify it.  We also discovered that dinosaurs are extinct and that some people believe that dinosaurs died after volcanic eruptions which caused lots of soot in the air and blocked out sunlight which stopped plants from being able to grow.  Children took part in their own volcanic eruptions which was very exciting.

Week Ending 12/2/21

This week in reception we have been learning about pancake day, safer internet day, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. To celebrate pancake day we read Mr Wolfs pancakes and helped him to write a shopping list for ingredients that he needed for pancakes. We read Detective Digiduck and discovered that not everything is true on the internet and that we should always ask an adult to check or speak to them if we see something that worries us. We found out that it is the year of the ox and helped the emperor to sequence the animals in the correct order from the race and counted the money the children received in their envelopes. We ended the week reading Guess How Much I Love You and thought about someone who was special to us and tried to put how much we loved them into words just like Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare 🙂 

I would like to tell the children how proud we are of how hard they have worked this half term. It is great to see them all working so hard everyday 🙂 

Have a restful half term with lots of play!

Week Ending 5/2/21

This week in reception children have been taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week. We read The Ugly Five and thought about how the animals must have felt when they were called ugly but we’re glad the animals were proud to be themselves and that they celebrated the things they were good at – because these were the things that made them special. We looked at the things that make us special and then researched the animals and the African Savanna, and. the children made the most beautiful African Sunset pictures using mixed media (see below). 

We took part in Inside Out Day by wearing our clothes inside out, thinking about how we were feeling on the inside and used a body outline to represent this through colour and mark making. This provided us with an opportunity to talk about how we were feeling and why – with lots of positive feedback. 

We also took part in Time to Talk Day and read Ruby’s Worry. We now know that if we ever have a worry we know who we can talk to and we know that talking to someone will help.

Week Ending 29/1/21

This week in Reception we have been reading Good Night, Gorilla and have been predicting events and inferring information from the illustrations to answer how and why questions. Then added their own speech bubbles to the story to create more text for others to understand the story too. The children sequenced the characters using ordinal numbers and explored the concept of one more. The children have continued to think carefully about the colours they need for particular animals and continued to show this in their work independently. I think a highlight for all was finding out interesting facts about a chosen animal from the story and understanding that music is beats that can be created by clapping or stamping your feet. The children then used this to create their own animal sounds and they were great! 

The children at school worked together to make a masterpiece inspired by this week’s story. I think you will agree they have done a great job! 

We were very lucky this week as we started the week with snow. Although it was sad not to share this excitement with all children, the children at school spent the snowy days exploring the snow in their learning through play, they investigated changes and watched the snow melt and referees back into ice from water and they made a very super snowman. If it were possible to have done anymore learning this week the children found animal paw prints in the snow and were keen to explore which animal they belonged to. We followed the tracks, investigated the shape of the prints and decided that we thought they belonged to a fox.

Week Ending 22/1/21

This week in Reception we have been continuing with our All Creatures Great and Small theme and looked at The Great Pet Sale and Dear Zoo to learn about some animals that we might see in our homes or in zoos.

We considered the things a pet needs in order to be happy and healthy and understand that having a pet is a lifelong commitment and a lot of hard work.  We investigated paying in order to pay for the pets from the pet shop using 1p coins and some of us even had a go at paying using a combination of coins.  We created story maps and wrote our own letters to the zoo asking for our perfect pets.  

It has been so great to see the children working so hard. Thank you for your continued support. 🙂

Week Ending 15/1/21

This week in Reception children have been reading Owl Babies and completing a variety of activities based around the book. Some of these activities included thinking about the things we like and dislike. The children then, like the Owl Babies, considered ways to help others feel better when they are worried about something.  Finally the children wrote their wishes for the future on stars. Children at home sent their work in through Google Classroom and we were able to complete a whole class display to celebrate all the learning from this unit.

Thank you so much to all the parents for their support with their child’s learning. I hope you can see the impact that these activities will have on your child and their mental health and well-being as well as their literacy skills.

Children focused on other activities including building a new home for the Owl Babies, printing techniques to create textured Owl Babies and a special yummy treat of chocolate owl nests and strawberry baby owls.

I hope the children have had as much fun at home as we have at school.

Miss Reilly and the Reception Team 🙂

Week Ending 8/1/21

This week in Reception we read Owl Babies and completed a variety of activities linked to the story including investigating our own homes, creating our own family trees and thinking about people who are special to us.  Children collected leaves and created an owl collage as part of their Busy Fingers and a little Outdoor Learning.  Children have also been developing their understanding of 0, including some addition number sentences including zero.  

Children ended the week by creating their own Baby Owl paintings using a printing technique.  Some children created their own animal homes using junk modelling.

Week Ending 18/12/20

Wow! I can not actually believe that we have come to the end of our first term in Reception. The children have worked so hard this term to adapt to routines and expectations, develop relationships and use the environment to enhance their learning. The Reception Team are very proud of all the children have achieved. Well done! 

We ended the week with our Christmas Party, the children played games, danced and sang along to Christmas songs and had a special snack thanks to the Friends of Newberries. 

The children learnt about the meaning of the Christmas Story for Christians and were keen to act out the story taking it in turns to take leading roles and watching in the audience awaiting the arrival of Baby Jesus. 

Please continue to use Bug Club over the holidays and continue reading with your child. The children have made so much progress throughout this term and I would really like them to continue reading to consolidate this. 

We wish all our families that are celebrating a very Happy Christmas. We wish you all a restful break and a Happy New Year!

Week Ending 13/12/20

This week in Reception we have been investigating Winter. We were very lucky to be able to experience the first signs of Winter at school one ice morning and went off on an adventure to investigate. The children used their senses to look at the glittery frost, observe the icy leaves melting in their hand and listen to the icy leaves crunch under their feet. We recapped hibernating animals and discussed the importance of dressing

warmly on a Winter’s day! Children also explored cold colours and made Winter pictures 💙

Children were eager to share their experiences of Hanukkah with the class so we shared the story of Hanukkah and the lighting of the Menorah for 8 days and it’s importance for Judaism. Children know that the oil was only supposed to last for one day but lasted eight so we created Menorahs using handprints. We wish all our families celebrating a Happy Hanukkah 🕎 

We ended the week with our Christmas dinner in a slightly different way this year on Christmas Jumper Day and didn’t the children look amazing in their apraxia jumpers. We discussed how lucky we are to have all the things we have and ended our afternoon with a bang and shared crackers with our friends.

Week Ending 4/12/20

This week in Reception we have continued our bear theme and we have been to the moon with Baby Bear in Whatever Next! Children sequenced the story and retold it in their own words, acted out the story using props, made observations of the moon and created their own craters on the moon in a science experiment.

The children investigated waterproof materials and helped to design and build a new rocket for Baby Bear. We had so much fun this week.

Week Ending 27/11/20

This week in Reception we read We’re going on a Bear Hunt and created a variety of story maps to represent the places the family visited in the story. On Wednesday when we arrived at school the class bear had gone missing. The children helped to write lists for items we would need and maps including features of our school in order to go on our own bear hunt at school. We then set off on our adventure but couldn’t find our bear anywhere, eventually we found him hiding on the wall! We were so relieved to find him!

Week Ending 20/11/20

On Monday we celebrated Odd Sock Day and the children were very pleased to share all their different socks, helping us to understand that all our difference make us beautiful too!

This week also marks World Nursery Rhyme Week 2020 so Reception have been participating in lots of learning based around this year’s Nursery rhymes; The Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Hickory Dickory Dock, Old MacDonald and Miss Polly had a Dolly.  Each Nursery Rhyme started each day’s theme of learning including Road Safety, pond dipping, learning about time, the farm and People who help us – Doctors.  A favourite this week would definitely be investigating the school’s pond area to find out what we have living in our pond. Sadly, we didn’t find any frogs – they must have been hiding.  

Nursery Rhymes are like rocket fuel for a child’s development, they support children’s language and communication, physical development and numeracy skills.   They also develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.  Singing Nursery Rhymes helps children to  develop auditory skills and memory skills.  They develop phonological awareness, introduce the idea of a narrative and are a stepping stone for learning to read and spell (World Nursery Rhyme Week, 2020)

Week Ending 13/11/20

This week in reception children have been learning about lots of different celebrations. They have explored Remembrance Day, Diwali, World Kindness Day and Children in Need.

After sharing a story and looking at the history of the poppy children created their own poppies, currently displayed in the windows on the one way system near Reception’s drop off point, by using printing techniques with apples and corks onto laminate pouches and they look amazing! They also created Vincent Van Gogh Poppy fields using finger painting techniques which are also stunning. 

After finding out about what Diwali means and how it is celebrated by Hindus, children created their Rangoli patterns using shape printing, created Diya lamps, puppets of Rama and Sita and firework pictures. 

For World Kindness Day and Children in Need the children looked out how we can give to others by filling up someone else’s bucket through acts of kindness and participated in a variety of pudsey activities including Pudsey says.

Week Ending 23/10/20

This week in Reception we have looked at the story Room on the Broom. The children spent a long time setting up a stage and acting out the story while singing the Room on the Broom song. They enjoyed exploring pumpkins, first using golf tees and hammers and then scooping out the insides. We have some very brave children who were willing to try something new and feel the inside of the pumpkin. They also enjoyed counting out items to make items for the witches brew. 

As part of Black History Month children were introduced to Martin Luther King and his dream of everyone being treated the same. Children then spoke about their own dreams and wished for the future.

Week Ending 16/10/20

This week in Reception we have been investigating Autumn. We went out and collected our own bags of Autumn treasures and used these for a variety of activities including leaf rubbing and leaf prints. We used Autumn stories to help us understand the importance of being helpful and being a good friend. 

We had a lovely surprise to end our week, organised by Friends of Newberries, and took part in a Halloween Trail. We had so much fun following the clues. Thank you to all those involved.

Week Ending 9/10/20

This week in reception children have finished reading Here We Are and used this book to continue to learn about our wonderful world.  We focused on understanding that even though we may look different, sound different and act different we are all still people and made our own self portraits to celebrate this.  We also explored some of the wonderful animals that live on planet earth, where they live and know that some animals are endangered and that we have to help look after them and our world by recycling and walking to school.

Week Ending 2/10/20

This week in Reception we have been reading Here We Are as part of our return to school.  We have been exploring space and planet Earth and completed activities including observational painting of planets, shared our favourite things about the world and explored our wild area looking for minibeasts.  The children have enjoyed exploring their Space Station role play area this week.  . 

Children have also started their first week of phonics and have been introduced to s, a, t and p.

Week Ending 25/9/20

This week in Reception we have been working on belonging and have focused on our groups; Caterpillars, Kippers, Elmers, Gruffalo and Rainbow Fish. Each day this week we celebrated one of these groups by reading the story and participating in a variety of activities linked to the stories. We have used these stories to celebrate our differences and help us think about things such as sharing. We have also thought about people who we can talk to if we feel worried or upset about something during circle time.


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