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Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Miss Reilly Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hanns Other adults who help us in the classroom are Mrs Wren Our PE day is Wednesday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Week Ending 21/1/2022

This week we have continued to focus our learning around the ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell.  We have learnt about the life cycle of owls and made little books to sequence this cycle.  A highlight of the week was making playdough on Wednesday and then edible rice crispy nests.  We used our phonics to write a shopping list for all the ingredients we would need and then had fun making!  We also used our phonics to write a book review and wrote about our favourite part of the story.

In Maths we have been looking at ‘more and less’ and then comparing groups of objects to work out how many ‘more or less’ are in each group.

Great work Reception!

Week Ending 14/1/2022

Our book of the week is ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell.  We have enjoyed a variety of learning activities related to the story.  At the beginning of the week the children looked at the home of the owl babies (which we learnt are known as owlets)  and then had a go at describing the home that they as children live in.   We then found out about homes around the world including mud houses and igloos.  In PCSHE we have been working on perseverance, resilience and challenge so Miss Reilly challenged us to build homes using a variety of materials- for example we used sugar lumps to create igloos and lolly sticks to create houses.   In Literacy we discussed how Mummy Owl makes the babies feel and we decided they felt loved and safe.  We talked about and wrote about who our favourite people are and why they are special to us.  Reception also enjoyed looking at owl feathers and drawing their own owls.

Great work Reception!

Week Ending 10/12/2021

This week we have been learning about the season ‘Winter’.  We have enjoyed reading winter stories and labelling winter pictures.  The children were very interested in learning about animals that hibernate; they made lists of what they thought the animals would need for hibernation and then created animal homes for hibernating creatures.  Today we talked about Christmas jumper day and thought about all the things we were thankful for.

A highlight of the week was performing our Nativity play to you; the children were confident to act and sing and were so proud of themselves!  We have uploaded a photograph of your child in costume to Tapestry.

Well done Reception!

Week Ending 3/12/2021

Our theme this week has been bears’.  The children enthusiastically joined in with ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, and ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? By Bill Martin jnr and Eric Carle.  The class are continuing to use their knowledge of phonics to write mini books and lists and are proud to share these with their friends.  In PSHE we have been looking at what makes a good friend and have been making friendship potions.  We have been practising acting and singing for our Nativity and are looking forward to showing it to you next week.

Reception have also enjoyed reading a variety of space stories- they have been reading ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy, ‘Here come the Aliens’ by Colin Mcnaughton and ‘Aliens love underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.  The children have engaged well with all the learning opportunities this week.  They enthusiastically acted out the story, they discovered how craters are formed by taking part in a science experiment, they used their imagination to invent their own aliens and learnt how to do a tally chart to find out which alien was our favourite.  Reception have been using their knowledge of phonics to write lists and label pictures.  Well done for all your hard work this week Reception!

Week Ending 19/11/2021

This week children in Reception have enjoyed participating in World Nursery Rhyme Week 2021.   Children focused on a different nursery rhyme each day including; Incy Wincy Spider, Sleeping Bunnies, Wind The Bobbin, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and Down In The Jungle and participated in lots of different activities throughout the week and had lots of fun!  They enjoyed acting out each nursery rhyme and using their knowledge of phonics to write some words to go with each rhyme.  We have been really impressed with how hard the children are working on segmenting and blending words for both reading and writing.  

As part of Anti-Bullying week we have been focussing on kindness and how we can show kindness to other children.  We linked our learning to ‘Have you filled your bucket today’ by Susan McCloud and have been thinking of ways that we can fill other children’s buckets up.

Miss Reilly, Mrs Baxter, Ms Hanns and Mrs Wren

Week Ending 12/11/2021

This week in Reception Children have been taking part in Children’s Book Week and World Science Day.  

For Children’s Book Week children were introduced to ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’ and then used this stimulus to understand that a book is an adventure and that by reading you can go anywhere through your imagination.  Children visited a treasure island, a castle and space with Charlie Cook.  They then shared their favourite stories and discussed their favourite part of the story.  

Stories are an important part of Education and we want every child to be a reader. For more information please visit 

Children have also been sent home with a book from the book trust called ‘I am a Tiger’. 

For World Science Day we linked our investigation to our book of the week.  We talked about what might happen to a ‘leaky pirate ship’  and then investigated objects which could float or sink in water.

Children’s stories provide a great context for learning science.  There are lots of books that help children to develop their understanding and vocabulary of Science,  such as Peace at last which focuses on sound, The Gruffalo’s Child which introduces shadows as part of light understanding and Oliver’s Vegetables which focuses on growing and being healthy.  There are also lots of information books available to develop understanding of Space, Minibeasts and lots more etc.

Week Ending 1/10/2021

This week in Reception children have been reading ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers.  The story looks at where we are and shows us how we belong.  Children have been thinking about what makes their world wonderful and particularly enjoyed an introduction to Sir David Attenbrough.  In Phonics we have been practising reading and writing using the sounds ‘s, a and t’.  The children really enjoyed making toast as part of their learning!  We have been practising counting by making sure we point carefully to objects as we count them; the children enjoyed arranging and counting natural objects from the woods.

Week Ending 24/09/2021

This week we have been learning about the stories that are associated with our group names so we have enjoyed reading Elmer, The Hungry Caterpillar, Kipper, Rainbow Fish and The Gruffalo.  We have been impressed with the children’s listening skills and how they are able to retell the stories they have heard.  Reception have been very motivated to complete the challenges we have set them relating to each story- keep up the good work Reception!  We have also been continuing to enjoy our time in the grounds and have been looking at conker shells, conkers and talking about all the creatures and seeds that we have been finding. 

Week Ending 17/09/2021

We have had another wonderful week in Reception.  The children have enjoyed staying for lunch; we have been impressed with how independent they have been with making their meal choices and eating their lunch- good work Reception!

Even though we had a very rainy start to the week the children enjoyed singing in the rain and were very motivated in their first PE lesson.

The children have been brilliant at completing a full school day; an afternoon highlight was visiting our meadow.  We found a baby frog (and learnt it was called a froglet), we also looked at the different types of leaves on the meadow floor and made some pictures using what we had found.  Well done Reception for being so enthusiastic in your learning.

Week Ending 10/09/2021

Reception have had a wonderful start to school this week! The children have settled well into routines and expectations and have started to develop lots of positive relationships. They have really enjoyed getting to know each other (and we have really enjoyed getting to know them!)  and they have become familiar with their classroom.  Highlights this week have included playing in our role play area, enjoying the outside area, exploring the castle and playing games in our circle on the carpet.

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