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Week Ending 6/3/20

This week in reception children have been sharing their favourite books as part of World Book Day. They were lucky enough to have stories read to them on world book day by both Year 3 and Year 4.  They enjoyed dressing up and sharing their experiences of the stories and characters they had chosen. To end the week children designed and created their own potatoes. After reading ‘Supertato’ the children worked hard creating their own traps to capture the Evil Pea! We also took part in a Rugby workshop and the children enjoyed participating in lots of exciting games.

Week Ending 28/2/20

This week in reception children have been investigating vegetables after reading the enormous turnip and Oliver’s vegetables. We used these stories to talk about eating healthy foods, helping each other and trying new things. 

We were also able to take part in a drama workshop in which children had lots of fun using their imagination and voices in a variety of ways and were able to show off their super listening skills. Well done.

Week Ending 14/2/20

This week in reception children have been on the look out for Hefty Hue and Lanky Len. They helped create wanted posters for the two thieves after they tried to steal the fine prize cow and the Queen’s crown! Luckily with the Ladybird who never said a word and the children’s help they didn’t get away! Phew! We used these stories to support our understanding of farm animals and zoo animals and explored London Landmarks too.

Week Ending 7/2/20

In Reception this week children have been taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week 2020.  They have been thinking about what it means to be brave and have worn an item of clothing inside out to encourage them to think about how someone might be feeling on the inside. We have read stories including 

 We have also taken part in an internet safety workshop as part of Safer Internet Day.

Week Ending 31/1/20

This week in Reception children have been learning about Chinese New Year.  Children read a variety of stories including The Great Race and The Magic Paintbrush.  After reading these stories children ordered the animals from the story using ordinal numbers and found out which year they were born in.  They opened little red envelopes containing money and counted how much money was inside. Children also thought carefully about things they would paint if they had a magic paintbrush. It has been a lovely week and we wish any of our families celebrating Chinese New Year a Happy New Year.

Week Ending 24/1/20

This week in Reception we have been reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘Walking through the Jungle’. We have been learning about animals and fruits linked to these stories.  We explored Henri Rousseau’s Tiger in a Tropical Storm and then the children created their own artworks using a variety of techniques. 

This week we focused on the sounds ai, ee and oo (this could be used in moon or book)

Week Ending 17/1/20

This week in Reception we have been learning about Dinosaurs and know that they lived a really long time ago and that they are now extinct.  We have taken part in our own dinosaur dig and found dinosaur bones which we pieced together just like real palaeontologists. We discovered the dinosaur bones belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex by making careful observations of the bones we found.  We spent time investigating and making fossils, and participate in an erupting volcano experiment.

Week Ending 10/1/20

This week Reception have been working hard settling back into school.  They have worked hard to keep up with routines and expectations and establishing positive relationships.  Children have been thinking about what new year means and have set themselves some amazing goals

Week Ending 5/12/19

This week children have continued to explore space

Week Ending 29/11/19

This week in Reception the children have been exploring Space.  They have enjoyed participating in a variety of stories and activities around this theme.  The children made close observations of planets and stars, as part of understanding our solar system.  Children used shaving foam and paint to print their own planet Earth. Reception ended the week with a trip to the library where they shared a story and explored the library.  Children will be coming home with a letter about how you can join if you are not already members and their very own book ‘The Cave’. Thank you to all our parent helpers.

Week Ending 22/11/19

This week children have participated in World Nursery Rhyme Week 2019. They have participated in a variety of activities for nursery rhymes such as Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Down in the Jungle, Incy Wincy Spider, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Two Little Dickie Birds as well as our own favourites including 5 Currant Buns, Mother Goose and Old McDonald. Using these nursery rhymes we have worked on sequencing, rhyming and phonological awareness.  We enjoyed creating our foil painting masterpieces which were inspired by Renoir with links to Row Row Row Your Boat and and even investigated floating and sinking.


Week Ending 15/11/19

As part of Remembrance day children created a class wreath of poppies. 

Also continuing from last weeks Friendship Friday Reception children have been participating in Anti-Bullying Week by sharing lots of stories about kindness and friendship and wearing odd socks for Odd Sock Day in order to celebrate our uniqueness. Children have particularly enjoyed learning and singing Andy’s song ‘Unique’. We ended the week by participating in a variety of Children in Need activities, including; Joe Wick’s Big Move challenge and creating Pudsey hats.

Week Ending 8/11/19

This week in Reception, after reading Elmer and the Lost Teddy, children thought about what it meant to be a good friend.  Children helped to look for Baby Elephant’s lost Teddy and helped to make and write friendship potions. We know that good friends listen to each other, respect each other, are kind and will help others. 

Week Ending 25/10/19

This week in Reception children have been looking at the celebrations Halloween and Diwali. They have been busy exploring pumpkins and reading Room on the Broom.  Children ended the week by exploring Diwali and what this celebration means for HIndus and how it is celebrated. They made Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns using 2D shapes and also participated in a Bollywood Dancing Workshop.

Week Ending 18/10/19

This week in Reception children have been exploring Autumn and have been investigating their Autumn treasures.  We read Leaf Man and made our own leaf creatures using a variety of natural resources.  

Reception participated in a Diwali workshop this week as an introduction into the Diwali festival and how it is celebrated.  They were able to explore a variety of resources used during the Diwali festival.

Week Ending 11/10/19

This week in Reception children have used the stories ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘Rosie’s Walk’ to help prepare us for our Sponsored Walk.  We used these stories for retelling the stories and understanding of positional language. Well done to all the children who participated in their first Sponsored Walk at Newberries.  We had lots of fun completing our walk and then even went on our own Autumn Adventure.

Week Ending 4/10/19

This week in Reception children have continued the theme marvellous me after lots of interest. Children have been exploring a variety of activities including investigating height, understanding how to stay healthy, including eating, sleeping and exercise, and investigation their bodies by looking at our similarities and differences. We ended the week with World Smile Day, we shared a poem and played a game called Guess who’s smile. See if you can spot your child’s smile too.

Week Ending 27/9/19

This week in Reception children have been talking about their families and the people that are special to them. They have investigated the number one and understand that it is one object, one movement or one finger. We finished the week thinking about Rosh Hashana and know that Jewish people like to eat sweet things such as honey to start the new year in hope for a good year ahead. So we decided to find out where honey comes from, how it is made and then added so art to make our own team hive using methods of printing in art.

Week Ending 20/9/19

This week in Reception we have been working on belonging and have focused on our groups; Caterpillars, Kippers, Elmers, Gruffalo and Rainbow Fish. Each day this week we celebrated one of these groups by reading the story and participating in a variety of activities linked to the stories. We have used these stories to celebrate our differences and help us think about things such as sharing. We have also thought about people who we can talk to if we feel worried or upset about something during circle time with the help of Jigsaw Jenie and Jerry Cat.

Week Ending 13/9/19

This week children have been introduced to Jigsaw Jenie who is used as part of our circle time. We have enjoyed getting to know each other with the help of Jigsaw Jenie. We have been thinking about our feelings and things that we enjoy, helping us to understand that we are all different.

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