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Year 1

Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Miss Wells Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Allen Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Celebration, Year 1 2020-2021

Week Ending 16/7/21

This week in Year 1, we have been working on our grammar. We used the prefix ‘un’ in our writing to change the meaning of the word, revisited nouns and  added ‘es’ to the end of words to show multiples of an object.

For our maths, we have been working on our  fluency by completing lots of calculations based on subtraction. We thoroughly enjoyed completing challenge questions and word problems. The highlight of our week last week was sports day! We worked extremely well as a team and encouraged our friends when competing. It was clear that Year 1 are both extremely kind and talented.

Week Ending 9/7/21

Year 1 have had lots of fun this week, we started our week by watching a production of the Gingerbread man, which we loved! For our maths, we continued learning how to tell the time and for our English we wrote fantastic letters from the perspective of Mr Big. We also spent some time designing and planning what food we will make for our D&T topic on Seaside snacks!

Week Ending 2/7/21

This week, in Year 1, we have been playing lots of games to work on our fluency. We started the week by finishing our work on coins and then began to learn how to tell the time. For our English work, we have carried on our work based on the book ‘Mr Big’. This has involved us doing lots of writing. We wrote a letter to Mr Big and used our understanding of conjunctions and adjectives to help us to write sentences about what the real Mr Big was like. 

We also enjoyed a visit from the author Nicholas Allan. He told us lots about his books and how he illustrates them, he even showed us some magic tricks!

Week Ending 25/6/21

This week in Year 1, for our new English topic, we started a book called ‘Mr Big’. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and have begun to think about how Mr Big is feeling, both on the inside and outside. When writing about the story, we have focused on using conjunctions to extend our writing and using adjectives to ensure that our writing is descriptive and engaging for our readers.

 During our maths lessons, we revisited our work on coins and their different values. We were able to identify the different coins and use our understanding of greater than and less than to work out totals of different amounts. This required excellent mathematical fluency, which Year 1 were all fantastic at! We also spent some time going over notes and their values. By the end of the week, we were able to apply our understanding of money by answering mastery questions which helped to develop our reasoning skills.

Week Ending 18/6/21

For our English this week, we have been going over where capital letters and full stops are needed. We have also revisited some of the split digraphs that we had learnt during our Phonics lessons and applied this understanding to our writing. We have continued to work on our fluency for Maths and have recapped concepts such as greater than and less than.

This week we have continued our ‘30 Days Wild’ challenge, this has involved us making bug hotels!

Week Ending 11/6/21

This week in Year 1, we have been writing our own versions of the story ‘Stanley’s Stick’. We have used our understanding of descriptive and engaging language to write our stories and have illustrated them beautifully. For our Maths, we have been working on our fluency with numbers up to one hundred and revisited partitioning. 

    To take part in the 30 Days Wild challenge, we have spent lots of time outdoors. This has involved observing the clouds, putting our feet in the air and even reading outdoors!

Week Ending 28/5/21

For our Maths lessons this week, we have continued our work on positional and directional language. This has involved us building on our understanding of fractions to identify half turns and quarter turns. We have also learnt what clockwise and anticlockwise mean, as well as left and right. 

For our English lessons we have worked on adding adjectives and checking our grammar to ensure that we are upgrading our sentences.  We have also had lots of fun during our Art topic this term, here are some of our beautiful stained glass windows!

Week Ending 21/5/21

This week, in Year 1, we have continued our work on fractions and recognising both a half and a quarter. For our English lessons, we have been developing our imagination and working on our descriptive language. A real highlight of our week was our Music lessons. We thoroughly enjoyed playing our Chime Bars, we also learnt  new terminology such as rhythm, pulse and tempo

Week Ending 14/5/21

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Year 1 have been discussing what mental health is and the things that we can do to improve our mental health. Year 1 were able to conclude that just as we need to take care of our bodies, we also need to care for our minds.The children have enjoyed taking part in yoga and have spent lots of time talking about different emotions and what we can do to ensure that we have happy, healthy minds.

Week Ending 30/4/21

Year 1 have continued to work incredibly hard this week! For our English unit, we have been looking at the book ‘Tuesday’. The children were very curious to find out why lily pads and red tape had appeared in our playground! We later found out that the frogs in the story were extremely mischievous. For our science topic, we had lots of fun going on a Minibeast hunt! We were able to classify the different Minibeasts and identify their habitat.

Week Ending 23/4/21

This week, in Year 1, we have been working hard on our presentation. We have been practising laying out our maths workings and writing neatly in our English books.

For our English, we have continued our work on Traditional Tales. We even had a go at making a wanted poster for the Evil Queen in Snow White!

Week Ending 16/4/21

This week, in English, we started our unit on traditional tales. To familiarise ourselves with the story of Cinderella, we had a go at a story whoosh. This enabled us to bring the story to life through drama.

For our Maths, we have been learning about capacity and volume. To develop our understanding, we have been measuring and comparing the capacity of various objects, as you can see we had lots of fun!

Week Ending 26/3/21

This week, in Year 1, we have been looking at weight and mass for our Maths lessons. This has involved us measuring mass and then making comparisons. For our English lessons, we have focused on reading a story and asking questions directed at the main characters. This enabled us to gain a greater insight into what the characters were thinking and why they acted in a certain way during the story.

We have also enjoyed our final Art lesson of our Art topic, which has been based on the artist and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. After using our sketchbooks to design our sculptures, we then collected natural materials to create them.

The highlight of our week has been using the Chromebooks for our Computing lessons! We have been developing our computing skills by logging onto the Chromebooks, typing sentences on a word document and designing our own art pieces using the programme Chrome Canvas.

Week Ending 19/3/21

Year 1 have continued to work extremely hard this week. We have been working on our reading and comprehension skills and revisiting some of the Maths that we have learnt over the year so far.

We have also been busy doing lots of Red Nose Day activities! We discussed what fundraising is and thought about how we can help those who are less fortunate than us. To end our week, we watched our very own talent show! The children did a brilliant job and are clearly very talented!

Week Ending 12/3/21

This week, Year 1 have settled back into the classroom well and it has been lovely to be reunited with our friends again. We started to read a new book for our English lessons called ‘The Last Noo Noo’ and have enjoyed making predictions about the book and discussing how each character is feeling. For our Maths, we continued our work on adding different lengths and have been developing our vocabulary of key mathematical terms associated with length.

To celebrate Science Week, we had a go at lots of different experiments and made predictions about what we thought would happen. For our first experiment, we looked at whether raisins would float or sink in still water and fizzy water. For our second experiment we poured hot water onto skittles to see what would happen to the colours. For our final experiment, we mixed food colouring, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and watched as the solution changed colour and fizzed!

As you can see from the pictures below, we had great fun doing our experiments!

Week Ending 5/3/21

This week in Year 1, we have enjoyed two very special days. On Thursday it was World Book Day, so we focused on the story ‘After The Fall – How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again’. We used our prediction and inference skills to answer questions based on the book, we designed a book cover, thought about Humpty Dumpty’s traits and even considered how we were similar to Humpty Dumpty. The highlight of our day was decorating our potatoes as book characters!

For Screen Free Day, we spent lots of time outdoors! We particularly enjoyed going on a Scavenger Hunt and taking part in a Maths Trail!

Week Ending 26/2/21

Year 1 have continued to work incredibly hard this week. We identified rhyming words and adjectives, we then had a go at including them in our own writing and even discussed their effects on our writing. During our Maths lessons, we have secured our understanding of place value within 50 and have begun to apply our understanding to maths problems and games.

For our Art topic, we have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have had a go at collecting natural materials to create some wonderful bird inspired natural art.

Here are some of our designs:

Week Ending 12/2/21

This week in English, we have focused on writing instructions. We started the week by following instructions to make various things, we then had a go at sequencing instructions and finally we used a checklist to write our own. For our Maths, we have continued our work on addition and subtraction. This has involved lots of mastery questions and games such as Snakes and Ladders!

We have also had a go at lots of different crafts to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Week Ending 5/2/21

This week we have focused on our mental health and well-being to mark Children’s Mental Health Week. We have discussed what self-expression is and engaged in lots of creative activities to express ourselves. The week has allowed us to discuss our feelings and emotions, which is particularly important during these difficult times. Our PSHE lessons have involved spending lots of time outdoors, exploring the beauty around us, we even made hedgehogs using leaves from outside.

For our Maths, we have been working on addition. The highlight of our week was playing ‘Mathopoly’, where we had to combine our knowledge of both addition and subtraction!

Week Ending 29/1/21

This week, in Year 1, we have had lots of fun in the snow! To begin our week, we built snowmen and even designed an ice village. For our Maths, we have worked extremely hard on our understanding of place value. We began the week by drawing part-whole models and gradually built up to completing some very tricky word problems!

For our English, we have been reading a story about a bear called Brian. We completed a reading response activity, made a list of the things we would take to our picnic and even wrote thank you letters!

We ended our week by going on a sound hunt. We predicted the sounds we thought we would hear and discussed which of the sounds were closest to us and which were the most distant.

Week Ending 22/1/21

This week, in Year 1, we have been doing lots of work on understanding coins for our Maths topic. We started the week by recognising different coins and their values and even had a go at being shopkeepers and giving out the correct change!  By the end of the week, we were able to answer mastery questions, which focused on our reasoning skills.

During our English lessons, we have concentrated on developing our writing. To upgrade our sentences, we have been using adjectives and the conjunction ‘and’. This has ensured that our writing is descriptive and engaging for our audience.

For Science, we have continued our work on the human body and the five senses. We have worked very hard on labelling the different parts of the body. To conclude our week, we were scientists and carried out an experiment, where we tested our taste buds. We had three different drinks, all the same colour and had to guess the flavour. We were very good at this and could tell which of the drinks were flavourless and only contained food colouring, despite our sense of sight suggesting they were the same.


Week Ending 15/1/21

This week, in Year 1, we have been scientists and have been doing lots of experiments!

As we have been learning about the five senses, our first experiment focused on using our sense of smell. We smelt a range of things and used descriptive language to describe and compare the smells.

For our second experiment, we learnt about our sense of touch. To do this, we labelled the parts of the hand and had a go at touching different things to conclude how they felt and how they differed.

Week Ending 8/1/21

This week in English, we have been working on improving our writing by using descriptive language.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on subtraction and have had lots of fun completing word problems!

To end the week, we made the butterflies that we had described in our English lesson.

Week Ending 18/12/20

This week, in Maths, we have been working on addition and the different ways to make the same number.

We have also had lots of festive fun!  We made reindeer hats to wear to our Christmas party and enjoyed making lots of seasonal crafts!

Wishing you all a safe and merry Christmas.

Week Ending 13/12/20

This week, in DT, we have been designing and thinking about what materials we would need to make our weathervanes.

Our week ended with us making our weathervanes and testing them to conclude what worked well and what we would change!

Week Ending 4/12/20

This week, in year 1, we finished writing our stories about a lost toy and drew some beautiful pictures to illustrate them.

We also set up our reading corner and have been enjoying relaxing there with lots of books!

Week Ending 27/11/20

This week, in Maths, we looked at symmetry in insects and shapes. We also learnt what a Venn diagram is and filled out our own using pictures of sweets!

We have also had lots of fun this week practising our dance routine during PE!

Week Ending 20/11/20

For our Weather and Seasons topic, we filled out our own pictogram to show what the weather was like in January. We also learnt about Weather Forecasts and made our own.

To celebrate Odd Socks Day, we all wore different coloured socks and discussed how important it is to celebrate differences.

Week Ending 13/11/20

This week, in Year 1, we focused on writing sentences with capital letters and full stops. To help us, we compared two stories and wrote about the similarities and differences.

We have also learnt about what Remembrance Day is and made our own poppies.

Week Ending 6/11/20

This week, in English, we started reading our new class book, ‘Knuffle Bunny’.  We have been considering how the main characters may be feeling and have been writing about our own toys.

We’ve also spent lots of time outdoors this week, as we have started our Geography topic on Weather and Seasons.

Week Ending 23/10/20

In maths this week, we searched the classroom for 3D shapes and tallied the different shapes that we came across. To finish the week, we had a go at making our own 3D shapes and labelling them.

Week Ending 16/10/20

In class this week, we have been looking at 2D shapes and their properties.

For our History topic, we discussed what transport was used in the past and why. We then had a go at making our own Viking Longships!

Week Ending 9/10/20

This week we have continued our work on our new history topic about Travel and Transport! We have begun to make comparisons between the transport used in the past to the transport used now.

Week Ending 2/10/20

We have begun to develop our use of mathematical language, such as more and fewer, when comparing two sets of objects. Our afternoons have involved lots of maths games to develop fluency in the subject.

Week Ending 25/9/20

In class this week we have been working on our phonics. The phonemes we learnt were ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’. We have also started to build up our wall of tricky words!

For our maths lessons, we estimated how many objects there were and checked our answers by counting them.

We also met Jigsaw Jack for the start of our PSHE topic, whilst in art, we have been using oil pastels to create images based on the book we have been reading, Here We Are.

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