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Year 2

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Week Ending 6/3/20

Year enjoyed the visit from author Robin The children listened to and wrote…..

Week Ending 28/2/20

We have finally finished creating our new reading area in the Year 2 classroom.

We have been recently reading some Dr Seuss’ books which inspired us to use some of his ideas and quotes for this area. The children are thoroughly enjoying using this new, cosy space in our classroom. Thank you to Year 2 parents!


Week Ending 14/2/20

As part of our gymnastics P.E lesson this week. Mrs Charles showed the children how to do some mindfulness to music.  We all really enjoyed this and felt very relaxed afterwards.

Week Ending 7/2/20

In Gymnastics this week, the children were learning to travel in a variety of different ways.

Week Ending 31/1/20

In History this week, we have been comparing Victorian toys to modern day toys. The children have looked at the similarities and differences and explained which toys they would prefer to have.

Week Ending 24/1/20

This week in Maths we have been looking at properties of 3D shapes. The children made nets to make 3D cubes, cylinders and squared based triangles.

Week Ending 17/1/20

History of Toys: This week we were lucky to have a visitor come in to talk to Y1 and Y2 about toys. Mrs Land told the children about the toys she played with, what materials they were made of and even brought some in for the children to see. We got to see her first teddy bear, which she still is very fond of.

Week Ending 10/1/20

Our new unit in Art is studying and the famous artist, L.S Lowry. In our first lesson, this week, the children looked at two paintings called, Lancashire Fair and Industrial Landscape. The children described how it made them feel, what they could see and if they liked or disliked the paintings.

Week Ending 5/12/19

This week in Maths, we were finding about near doubles. The children enjoyed playing games in pairs to re-inforce their understanding further.

Week Ending 29/11/19

In English this week we have been looking at the features of explanation texts. The children went through a selection of books with a partner to identify the key features.

Week Ending 22/11/19

On Monday we went for a walk around the wild life area and pond to stimulate our imagination in order to write a personal recount.

Week Ending 15/11/19

The whole school have been remembering how we are all different with wearing our odd socks to school. We have been singing with Andy and his Odd socks. Look out for the song on You Tube (Change), it is very catchy! In Year 2 we have been carrying out role play and activities celebrating how different we all are.

Week Ending 8/11/19

This week our class were lucky to take part in listening to an inspirational assembly about loneliness and isolation with older people.

Year 2, alongside KS2, took part in filling ‘Warm in Winter’ bags with tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate satchets.

This activity fitted in well with what we do every day in Year 2 with our class Random Acts of Kindness.  This encourages all of the children to be kind and that it does not cost anything to be kind to others.

Week Ending 25/10/19

History: As part of our History topic, Y1 and Y2 were lucky to take part in a workshop on The Great Fire of London. This further enhanced their understanding and learning. All the children took part in drama scenarios. As a finale to the day, each class performed their drama scenes to the other class.

Castle time: Year 2 were so thrilled to finally get to use the fantastic new castle.  Thank you from all in KS1!

Week Ending 18/10/19

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Mrs Ghadia’s Diawli workshop where we all learnt more about the story of Rama and Sita and the Festival of Lights.

Week Ending 11/10/19

In Maths this week, we have been learning to add and subtract 9 and 11. We played a game in groups. We used different strategies to get the answers.

Week Ending 4/10/19

In English we have started our new unit of Poetry. We have started by reading out poems and discussing what we like and dislike about them and why.

Week Ending 27/9/19

This week in Art the children have been painting a background as part of The Great Fire of London topic. We have got some budding artists in Year 2!

Week Ending 20/9/19

Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have been revising place value.  This week we have been partitioning 2-digit numbers, using various manipulatives, including base tens frames, unifix and number lines,

Week Ending 13/9/19

In Year 2, we have started off the term by reading a popular Traditional Tale, Rapunzel. First we read the original story and then compared it to Bethan Woolvin’s version of the tale. The children compared the two texts by looking at what is similar and what is different.

We are looking forward to continuing with this unit next week!

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