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Year 2

Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Mrs Culverhouse Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Devine Other adults who help us in the classroom are Mrs Clark Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Celebration, Year 2 2020-2021

Week Ending 16/7/21

Last Wednesday we took part in Sports Day! They children were very excited when they came in in the morning. We had a lesson to remind them all how important it is to be a good sport and how cheering our friends on and being proud of ourselves and others for all their achievements is a priority for us to thoroughly enjoy a team event such as sports day.

We were very proud of them all! We hope you enjoy some of the photos we took.

Week Ending 25/6/21

This week we have finally planted our lettuces out pf the security of their pots into a grow bag. As you can see, the children have thoroughly enjoyed doing this and the lettuces are almost ready to be eaten! we will continue to look after them and water them daily.

Week Ending 18/6/21

In D.T this week, we have been looking at different toppings on pizzas. We have designed our own healthy balanced pizzas. The children may come home and decide they would like to make their designs at home! We would love to see any photos of them if they do.

Week Ending 11/6/21

Look at our lettuces! They are growing well. Mrs Devine, kindly took the lettuce trays home over the half term holiday and replanted our seedlings from the trays into small pots. The children have been watering their plants in groups daily and making sure they have enough sun too.  Mr Hill has de-weeded the courtyard (next to the dining room) and we will be preparing the beds with compost to then plant out the lettuces into their final growing place soon, before we can eat them in a few weeks!

Week Ending 28/5/21

This week in English, we have been looking at a painting called The Tropical Storm by French artist, Henry Rousseau.

On Monday, the children were asked to describe what they could see and why they thought the tiger was in the painting.

Next, the children imagined they ‘jumped into the painting’ and went and explored ‘the tropical rainforest’ (our wildlife area- watch the video) and tried to creep around silently so the tiger did not hear or see them. This activity stimulated their imaginations to write and perform poems about the experience.

Week Ending 21/5/21

This week in English, we have been looking at different Non-Chronological reports; reading and studying Non-fiction books on Sharks. The children have spent time reading information, then, they highlighted key facts, next, they gathered some notes. After this, they planned their reports and finally, wrote up their final non-chronological reports.

Week Ending 14/5/21

This week, Year 2 have enjoyed spending time outside creating nature sculptures and sketching the plants, wildlife and trees we have in our wildlife area. This has linked to the theme of ‘Connecting with Nature as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Week Ending 30/4/21

We have started our new Science topic, Young Gardeners. We looked around the school grounds, in the allotment area, the wild life area and outside our classroom. The children discovered lots of plants, flowers and trees budding and flowering. How lucky we are to have such beautiful grounds to explore and appreciate.

Week Ending 16/4/21

In Maths, we have been measuring in centimetres and metres.

The children worked in groups and estimated the measurements of longer objects, then measured them using a metre rule.

Week Ending 26/3/21

In Art this week, we have continued with our printmaking lessons. The children designed and made their own motifs, painted them and then made repeated patterns.

In the next lesson, Year 2 created a collagraphs on pieces of cardboard, glued on textured materials and made a print onto paper.

Week Ending 19/3/21

Today we have enjoyed various acitvities as part of Red Nose Day. The children watched a video about a child who has benefited from all of the fund raising from RND and how it has benefited his life. It made us all feel very grateful. We had a discussion on how we lucky we all to be able to do the basic things in life that some people can not do.

We told jokes and laughed together and then some of the children wrote some jokes to display on our Share A Smile poster, which can cheer us up when we feel sad.

We all loved watching our talented and creative children in our class who chose to take part in the video talent show. We had a variety of talents to watch- some children danced, sang, roller bladed, climbed, played the piano, did a karate katah, a piano comedy sketch, hoola hooped and demonstrated their ball skills. Mrs Devine and I are so amazed and proud at how talented the children are in Year 2.

A huge well done to everyone that took part and for all the contriubutions towards our school fund raising target.

Week Ending 12/3/21

In Science this week, we investigated different materials to see if they would twist, bend, stretch and squash. The children were given different materials and discussed in their groups how the object moved.

Week Ending 5/3/21

This week in English, we have looked at shapes poems called Calligrams. The children have enjoyed creating their own designs

Week Ending 26/2/21

Here are a few pieces of English work from this week’s English learning. We have been using the story of The Black Hat in English this week.  So far, we have written exclamation and command sentences, descriptions of characters and settings and used our senses to describe a forest setting.

Week Ending 12/2/21

This week I wanted to show you a selection of some of Year 2’s Remote Learning. As you can see, they have worked really hard!

Week Ending 5/2/21

This week, one of the activities Year 2 took part in, was to make 2D and 3D shapes.

We made some in school and some of these photos are from your learning at home.

Week Ending 29/1/21

As part of our Geography topic, Around the World, Year 2 have been researching facts about China, Australia, America, France and Kenya. The children chose to focus on a particular country and have found out the most amazing facts about these countries. In our next lesson, they researched and found out about objects that mean something to that particular country. As you can see, the children made or created a range of things like boomerangs, USA flag pin wheels, cooked croissants, made posters, African masks and necklaces. What a creative class we are!

Week Ending 22/1/21

This week, Year 2 have been learning all about explanation texts. This is a new unit of work which we have not done before in Year 2. The children used their growth mindsets and persevered even when things were difficult. I am very proud of you all for carrying on even though it might have been tricky. This linked in well with our PSHE lesson this week on the Three P’s, Practice, Positivity, and Perseverance.

Week Ending 15/1/21

The children have really enjoyed learning about the different countries Buddy Bee has travelled to this week in Geography. They have learnt a lot of facts about China and Australia.

Week Ending 8/1/21

This week we have been enjoying using the space outside our classroom for outdoor learning. The children have been very creative, designing various assault courses and maths games with the equipment.

Week Ending 18/12/20

Before our Christmas a party on Monday, the children made snowman hats to wear. As you can see they all look very happy with them! We had a fun filled party, playing musical statues, bumps and pass the parcel. Merry Christmas to you all!

Week Ending 13/12/20

This week Year 2 finished making their sailing boats.  We tested them in water to see if they would float. We were very excited to find they all did! After sailing them, we evaluated our designs to establish what was successful and how we could improve the designs.

Week Ending 4/12/20

Year 2 have started to make their boats as part of our DT project. We used bagasse which is a flexible and waterproof material similar to polystyrene. The children designed the shape of their boat base and have named their boats. Next week we are going to focus on the design of the sails, how to attach them to the boats.

Week Ending 27/11/20

This week in PSHE, in groups, the children took part in freeze frames to express how people might feel if someone was being unkind to them.  As you can see, we have some budding actors in the class!

Week Ending 20/11/20

This week the children thought about how important it is to be different when we all wore our odd socks to school for Odd Socks Day. As you can see everyone had different socks on and we all enjoyed singing along to Andy and his Odd Socks too!

In D.T/Science, we investigated and made different shaped foil boats. We then tested which ones stayed afloat and did not allow any water in.

Week Ending 13/11/20

This week we have been remembering all of the people who were injured and died in the wars. Year 2 took their time, preparing our Monet themed paintings over two afternoons. We have created a beautiful display in the school hall. Everyone is very proud of their work.

Week Ending 6/11/20

We have been looking at list, rhyming and shape poetry this week in English. The children performed a poem by William Makepeace Thackeray. They acted out the poem with a partner, showing increasing confidence. We all enjoyed watching them.

Week Ending 23/10/20

In History, one of the famous explorers we have been learning about is Neil Armstrong. We have found out lots about how important his journey to the moon was!

Week Ending 16/10/20

During one of our maths fluency lesson. Year 2 enjoyed using the tens frames and counters to revise number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. They also counted in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Week Ending 9/10/20

In Maths this week, Year 2 have been problem solving. We went outside to estimate how many leaves were in a circle (hoop) and then try and accurately count them.

After this, in groups, the children used natural materials in our wild life area to make a variety of 2-D shapes.

Week Ending 2/10/20

Year 2 are getting fitter! They have enjoyed doing Multi-Skills on a Wednesday. Each week they are being timed whilst carrying out a variety of activities. By the end of the half term we will be able to see how much they have all their progressed.

Week Ending 25/9/20

Year 2 have been enjoying lots of art over the past few weeks.

As autumn has officially begun this week, we went out in the wild life area to collect leaves, draw around them and colour them in in autumnal colours.

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