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Year 3

Welcome back to year 3

Week Ending 21/1/2022

In English we are reading The Finger Eater by Dick King Smith.  Today we did some work preparing us to rewrite one of the chapters.

We worked in groups to sequence Godrun’s plan.

Week Ending 14/1/2022

In P.S.H.E we have started our new topic Dreams and Goals.  In this topic we will be thinking about our dreams and goals.  We have already looked at the obstacles that could stop us from achieving our goals and dreams and how we can overcome them.  We will go on to talking about how we need to break down our goals into manageable steps.

This week we thought about the dreams and goals that we have and wrote them on petals of a flower.

Week Ending 10/12/2021

In English this week, we carried on with our book called Atlas of Adventures. This week we looked at some festivals around the world. 

 We found out about Feria Del Caballo (horse parade in Spain), a hot air balloon in Cananda, Rio Carnival in Brazil, a Lantern Festival in China and Holi Festival in India.  

In groups we made notes on one of these festivals.  We then wrote scripts, allocated parts and then recorded the broadcasts.   Enjoy listening to one of them.

Week Ending 3/12/2021

In English this week, we have started our new English unit with a book called Atlas of Adventures. We will follow one boy and one girl as they travel to over 30 destinations and discover hundreds of things to spot and facts to learn on every page. As we read this book, we will be working on our English skills ending this unit by writing a leaflet.

 This week we started this unit by going on an aeroplane to our first destination Finland.  Here we used a thesaurus to find synonyms for spectacular and we used a range of conjunctions to extend sentences to give more information.

Week Ending 26/11/2021

As part of our Stone Age topic we made Neolithic houses in D&T.  We used clay to make cuboids to make the base of the house.  Then we pushed in 4 sticks to make a pyramid shape and tied them together with string.

Week Ending 19/11/2021

We have had another busyweek this week.

This week was Inter Faith Week which is an opportunity to bring people with different beliefs closer together. It is a chance to learn about one another and build positive relationships.  To mark this Year 3 made logos that represent the different religions.

We also marked Anti-bullying week which is a way of raising awareness about bullying. It is a week during which we learn about bullying and how to deal with it.  This week the theme was one kind word.  We were very lucky because Victoria came in to lead an anti-bullying workshop for us.

On Friday we marked Children in Need by joining in with Joe Wick’s live Children in Need workshop, we did some Maths where we had to work out the answers to some questions using addition and subtraction and we did a Children in Need acrostic poem.

Week Ending 12/11/2021

We have been busy this week.

We commemorated Rememberance day by colouring the poppies you can see on the school gate and we did a Rememberance Day watercolour painting.

Mrs Ghadia also taught us about Diwali.  We heard the story of Rama and Sita and Mrs Ghadia told us how she celebrated it.  She also brought in some of her Saris and other Diwali artefacts.

In D&T we continued our Stone Age topic by making Mesolithic houses.

Week Ending 24/09/2021

In conjunction with our topic of The Stone age we have been looking at cave paintings and what was used to create them.   We found out that people in the Stone Age used natural materials to create paint. Today in Art we mixed blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and turmeric with water and painted on to a sheet of paper.

Week Ending 17/09/2021

This week we took part in Jeans of Genes day.  Jeans for Genes is a charity that is set up to raise money to help children who have a genetic condition. We went to school in jeans, Mrs Traxon led a virtual assembly about it and in class we watched a video about the impact of children who have a genetic condition.  We also watched a video about genes and how someone can get a genetic disorder.  We then designed some jeans.

Week Ending 10/09/2021

Welcome Year 3!

Year 3 have had a lovely start of the term and have settled well into routines and new expectations.  Highlights this week have been starting our topic The Stone Age, which the children are really enjoying.  We have also enjoyed doing some drama as part of one of our English lessons.

At the beginning of the term, we all coloured part of a picture to make this big picture.

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