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Year 4

Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Mr Mellor Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Emanuel Other adults who help us in the classroom are Miss Brown and Miss Valji Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Celebration, Year 4 2020-2021

Week Ending 16/7/21

This week we were given the opportunity to get over the disappointment of the weekend with our own sporting event – Sports Day. As you would have seen in previous posts, we have been working hard to refine our throwing, jumping and running skills to get ready for the big day. Luckily, the weather held and it wasn’t too hot; perfect conditions lay in wait as everyone stood before greatness. Although we were only able to complete in our class bubble, there was an electric energy and nerves jangled all around as first competitors stepped up to the javelin. We then continued with long jump, the egg and spoon race and other team relays before entering the blue-riband event – Sprint races!  Everyone gave their all for their teams and everyone was cheered on throughout the afternoon. I was so proud to see respect and resilience from all the class whilst the events were on and I know that we are all looking forward the return of spectators next year.

Week Ending 25/6/21

On your marks, get set, GO!!!

Preparations are well under way for this year’s Sports Day. The children have been practicing the events in P.E and are building up their competitive spirit. With only a couple of weeks to go, everyone is showing signs of being fit and ready for the big day.

Week Ending 11/6/21

Throughout the week in English we have been reading the story ‘The king who banned the dark’. We have spent time creating a ‘fake news’ story of the dark loitering around the kingdom whilst the King is urging everyone to keep the lights on.


Week Ending 28/5/21

In computing we have been learning about editing pictures. We used different effects and looked at altering contrast and saturation levels as well as learning how to crop an image.

Week Ending 21/5/21

This week we have been researching Anglo-Saxon artefacts. We found different examples and evaluated them, assessing what we liked and didn’t, we then tried to make our own designs and came up with a techniques to make our pictures textures. We are really excited to make out finally pieces next week.

Week Ending 14/5/21

Every year, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) organises and hosts Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is Connect with Nature.

“Nature is something we see every day but don’t fully open our eyes to and I think that by connecting more with nature every day and observing the little things, like the birds chirping or the blue sky and sunshine, we can become more grateful each and every day.”

We have thought about different ways that we can be mindful in our lives. Being mindful helps our minds to feel well because it helps us to cope with big feelings and focus on what is happening in the present moment, settling our thoughts.

  • Spending time with our friends and who we trust helps our minds to feel well because we can share things that are important to us and have fun together.
  • Bringing nature into our lives helps our minds to feel well because it helps us to feel calm, settled and manage uncomfortable feelings, such as worry or stress.
  • Being active and looking after our bodies helps our minds to feel well because it releases natural feel-good chemicals in our brain and helps us to be physically healthy.
  • Being kind to others and to ourselves help our minds to feel well because it helps us all to feel good on the inside

Week Ending 26/3/21

As we come to the end of another term, we have been learning about the Easter story. We created story boards and recounts telling of story of how Jesus was betrayed and crucified. We have been using the skills that we learnt in English to make sure we set the mood using effective vocabulary and figurative language.

The Year 4 team hope that everyone has a well deserved rest.

Week Ending 19/3/21

After a week of quizzes, we continued our English work based on ‘Leon and the place between’. We created some freeze-frames of the start of the book; Leon and his sister, Little Mo, were excited to watch the magic show and be at the circus whereas Pete and Tom, the older siblings, were not as excited. Can you recognise the different characters from the pictures?

Week Ending 12/3/21

For science week this week, we have been designing classrooms for 2050, as it had the theme ‘innovating for the future’. We had a variety of ideas including being taught by cyborgs, ipads built into desks and getting McDonald’s for school dinners…

We have also spent time creating our own insects out of paper, we tried to use different techniques of origami to make them 3d. It has been lovely to have everyone back in school and to see how happy they are to see their friends.

Week Ending 5/3/21

As part of our no screen day, celebrating World Book Day, we created some self portraits as well as completing other task. Some, very cleverly, decided to use te tyres as the outline of the face whilst others created their whole body with sticks.

Well done to everyone for surviving another lockdown, we can’t wait to see everyone back on Monday!

Week Ending 26/2/21

As you know, this week we have been making potato people. It seemed like everyone really enjoyed making thema and creating our profile. We also enjoyed doing it in school. Well done to everyone this week, just one more week of remote learning and then a return to normality.

Week Ending 12/2/21

OMC – Oh My ‘Cod’, things are ‘sardine’ to get interesting in Year 4 and we have a ‘fin-tastic oppor-tuna-ty’ to share with you our work this week. We have been writing a newspaper report based around the story of Spy Fox, we have been working hard on creating some ‘trout-standing’ fish related puns to use as headlines. At first we didn’t know the ‘scale’ of the job but when we fin-shed we were sure that no-one could do any ‘batter’. I’ll hand over to Emilia for the story.  ‘Two days ago, world destruction was a real threat as the evil Dr Hammer had plans to demolish the polar ice caps causing the world to be flooded. Luckily for us, Spy Fox together with his partner Lily, came to the rescue, foiling Dr Hammer and his minions at their sardine canning factory H.Q.’

After we all watched the assembly from Mrs Traxon we completed work on our value of the month, kindness. We have created some acrostic poems about being kind and helpful, here are 2 great examples and work that we are really proud to share.

The Year 4 team are so proud of the work and dedication that everyone (including the people at home) have shown throughout this tricky half term. We hope to see everyone back in school soon, enjoy your well deserved break.

Week Ending 5/2/21

As you know we have been learning to draw mythical beasts, today we were concentrating on drawing a griffin As you can see we have produced some amazing pieces of work and we are looking forward to seeing the rest from everyone’s remote learning. Well done everyone, keep up the great work for one more week then it is half term. 

Week Ending 29/1/21

This week we have been working hard on writing an alternative ending to a story, here are a few to share with you.


As part of our ongoing study into Ancient Greece, we have been creating pictures of the underworld. Some of our pictures were fit for a God (Hades) and his pet Ceberus.

Week Ending 22/1/21

After another week of remote learning, we have all been so impressed with the work that the children have completed. I have really enjoyed seeing all the work that is being sent in. Keep up the great work everyone!

Week Ending 15/1/21

Well done to all the children and parents for another completed week of remote learning. I love seeing all of your work, and am so impressed with what you are all doing. Keep trying your hardest and challenging yourself to do as well as you can.

Copy of The black hat – description

Week Ending 8/1/21

As challenging as it is not being at school, I have been really impressed with your work. Being able to see your videos, photos and reading your message (and the occasional joke) has made me feel much happier and hopefully we will be able to be together as a class as soon as possible. Keep up all the hard work in these difficult times and stay safe!

Week Ending 18/12/20

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from Year 4 and their worker elves.

Week Ending 13/12/20

Throughout the half term, we have been learning the xylophone. We have learnt to play small piece of music and beginning to reading notes on a score. We are starting to create our own pieces of music using the skills we have acquired already.

Week Ending 4/12/20

This week we have been looking at circuits and electricity, we have learnt about how to be safe around electricity, have created a simple series circuit, made own switches and designed our own patterns to put on a motor and watched it spin around.

Week Ending 27/11/20

Throughout the week we have been busy learning a dance to ‘Prince Ali’ from the film and musical Aladdin. The class have been working really hard to perfect the tricky moves and try to keep in time with the rest of their group.

Week Ending 20/11/20

This week we have been doing work based on anti-bullying week. We have focused on the acts of kindness that we could all be doing to ensure that our bubble is a harmonious and inclusive place to work. We discussed the different roles that people can play to achieve our goal.

Week Ending 13/11/20

In English this week, we have been using ‘The firework maker’s daughter’ to inspire us to create our own fireworks. We use some persuasive writing to make a poster about our firework and include a sequence of how it works.

Week Ending 6/11/20

This week we have been studying the change of states, we set up an investigation in which we recorded the temperature of ice throughout the day and watched it melt. We had a variety of results (along with a lot of puddles at the end of the day) which we turned into line graphs.

Week Ending 23/10/20

Firstly, a massive thank you for all your kind sponsorship and messages of support for my half marathon yesterday, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the amount that we have managed to raise!

This half term, we have been studying artwork by Henri Rousseau. We have been spending time each week creating our own version, we started by creating a wash then practiced and perfected drawing a toucan before finally layering on trees, grass and plants.

Week Ending 16/10/20

This week we have been researching about the rainforest and some of the animals that live there. We created a recipe for the perfect rainforest and decorated them, there were lots of deadly spiders and illuminous frogs but worst of all poisionous snakes- yuk!

Week Ending 9/10/20

A strange occurrence happened after school this week. A video of a UFO was captured outside the Year 4 classroom, but was it real or a hoax? Why would someone create such an elaborate ruse? We reported on video but some reporters remained sceptical about the authenticity of the video…

Week Ending 2/10/20

In PE we have been practicing for a virtual district athletics competition. We have been training to improve our core strength and our endurance for some of the events, fortunately we got were about to get our before the rain came on Friday.

Week Ending 25/9/20

Since returning to school we have been immersed in a world of PSHE and Art. Most recently we were looking at aboriginal art and tried to create our own paintings. We used the ‘wrong’ end of the brush to create dots and were really impressed with our outcomes.

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