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Year 4

Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Mr Mellor Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Emanuel Other adults who help us in the classroom are Miss Brown and Miss Valji Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Week Ending 1/10/2021

At the start of this week we celebrated European day of languages. We learned about why there are many different languages and why some are similar and some are a very different. Also, we learned about each other’s heritage and how many languages we can speak. That day in maths, we created bar charts to represent how many languages everyone can speak in year 4.

During the rest of the week, we have been learning about negative numbers and roman numerals in maths. In English we have had a writing task to see what writing techniques we can use and have also started our new book Arthur and the Golden rope by Joe Stanton.

We have now finished our first Topic, Ancient Greece. We finished this topic by doing individual research on a chosen philosopher/scholar and then designing a web page for them. This went really well and the whole class produced some great information and designs.

Week Ending 24/09/2021

This week in maths, we have been working on comparing 4 digit numbers. We have been comparing numbers to find which the largest and smallest. We also used this knowledge to help us order sets of numbers by size. In English this week, we have finished the book journey. We ended on writing and editing a continuation of the story of this book. The results of this were amazing and I was so impressed with everyone’s hard work.

Today in art, we designed our Greek mythical creatures that we are going make with clay

Week Ending 17/09/2021

This week we have been continuing with place value in maths. We have delved into partitioning and understanding the values of 1000s, 100s, 10s, and 1s. During English we have been working hard on our sentence structure to describe colours, objects and feelings. We also created lanterns (which were all magnificent) and attached a flame with our hopes and aspirations for this year.

Today in art, we looked at the different uses for clay and how to mould it. This will lead to creating mythical creatures with clay.

Week Ending 10/09/2021

This week we have started to settle into the year 4 routines. The whole class have made great progress in Maths and English. We have begun to understand place value and rounding in maths. In English we have used our imagination to conjure up our own narrative for the book ‘Journey’ (which is a book without words and only pictures.) and used our inferring skills to know what the book is about and what the characters might be thinking.

Our first topic is the ancient Greeks. We have begun to learn about the different Greek civilisations during this time and to get an understanding of the time when they were around. This has been linked to art where we are learning how to create mythical creatures. We have practiced drawing a Minotaur this week.

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