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Year 5

Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Mr Costi Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gadhia Other adults who help us in the classroom are Mrs Castellana Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Week Ending 1/10/2021

Continuing with our work on Egypt, we studied Ancient Egyptian tombs and what they believed about the afterlife. After collating our own notes about an Egyptian’s journey to the afterlife, we created leaflets to clearly present the information. This included the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony, the dangerous journey through the underworld and the final Weighing of the Heart to prove themselves worthy of the afterlife!

Week Ending 24/09/2021

Throughout this week, Year 5 have been delving into the mysteries of Ancient Egypt! We have learnt about many of their traditions, such as putting the organs of the dead into Canopic jars as well as their language of hieroglyphics. In Art, we replicated the techniques the Ancient Egyptians would have used when creating hieroglyphs; we used different mediums and decided which we thought was best for the different symbols.

Week Ending 17/09/2021

This week, Year 5 continued with their journey into the depths of Space. We studied the moon and we learned why it appears to change shape in the sky throughout the months. To demonstrate the phases of the moon in the clearest way possible, we used Oreo biscuits; we even managed to resist the temptation to eat any of them! Make sure you look out for the moon in the next few days; it won’t be long till we have a full moon in the sky!

Week Ending 10/09/2021

In Science this week, we have been learning all about Space! We looked at the different planets and their sizes and distances compared to one another and we created a pastel piece to help us remember the order of the planets from the sun. We have also had lots of wonderful discussions and interesting questions all about space and its many mysteries. I’m looking forward to more great discussions next week!

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