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Year 5

Adults in our class this year are: Our class teacher is Mr Costi Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gadhia Other adults who help us in the classroom are Mrs Castellana Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. We hope you enjoy reading our weekly blog below.

Celebration, Year 5 2020-2021

Week Ending 25/6/21

In Geography, we have been learning all about extreme weather round the world. From thunderstorms and floods, to tornadoes and hurricanes. In one session, we were looking at how people can create defences to reduce the damage a flood might cause to homes; we discussed what they would need to be made out of and how large or strong they needed to be. Afterwards, we put this into practise, creating our own mini-flood defences and seeing if they could resist a small flood and protect our mini homes!

Week Ending 11/6/21

This week in Maths we have been working on angles; we have learnt about the different sizes of angles on a straight line, on a point, as well as the interior angles of shapes. We have all worked hard with the presentation of our angles and shapes to allow us to explain our reasoning in the clearest possible way.

Week Ending 28/5/21

For an enrichment activity, the local police visited Newberries to speak to Year 5 all about diversity, pro-social behaviour and how to make a positive impact the community. We tried on the police gear and spoke about the equipment the police usually need and how they help the community; we even had the opportunity to have a seat in the cell! It was a wonderful experience for all of us and the children learnt many important lessons which they can take with them for later in life.

Week Ending 21/5/21

In D.T for the past few weeks, we have been designing Viking longboats. We discussed different ways to create them with the design brief to: “Create a Viking longboat that is both historically accurate and can float on water.” Next week, we will test out our final designs and see if they really can float; for the sake of the Lego figures who will be sailing it, I hope so!

Week Ending 14/5/21

As Mental Health Week was all about nature this year, we decided to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as much as we could, despite the changeable weather! Today, we spoke about how keeping active could help keep our minds healthy, as well as our bodies; to put this into practise, we got into groups and ran various relays, discussing how our activities were affecting our mood.

Week Ending 30/4/21

In PSHE this week, we have been looking at how we can keep ourselves healthy, both inside and out. We discussed how a balanced diet and a good amount of exercise can keep our body healthy, but we also discussed body image and how having a positive view of our own selves is just as important!

Week Ending 23/4/21

In Art this week, we finished our topic on William Morris. Over lockdown, during remote learning, we looked at William Morris’s work and the techniques we could use to create patterns. We then put this into practise at school; we indented our pattern of choice on a poly block, rolled it with paint and printed it onto another surface. Some of the effects and patterns we made are very striking!

Week Ending 16/4/21

In English this week, we continued with our work on ‘Tales of Outer Suburbia’. We focused on the tale of two brothers who went on a long expedition across Outer Suburbia to prove a mysterious, unanswered question about what lies beyond the edge of a map. In our writing, we created a similar tale; we wrote about a journey through our local environment to find out what was beyond the edge of the map!

Week Ending 26/3/21

In the build up to the holidays, Year 5 have been learning all about the festivals of Easter and Passover. We learnt the stories behind them, their similarities and differences, and how each of the festivals are celebrated. This included painting eggs for Easter and re-creating the Seder plate for Passover!

Week Ending 19/3/21

For our English, we have been reading Shan Tan’s ‘Tales of Outer Suburbia’ and all our activities have been based around these tales. In the book, we are taken to a strange, fantastical place called ‘Outer Suburbia’ and we learn all about the different people (and sometimes animals!) that live there. In our story today, we saw a rather ungrateful family who were dissatisfied with their lot, find a magical ‘Inner Courtyard’ in between two rooms; this courtyard was a lovely place where they could relax and it showed them all the joyful things in their lives that they should be grateful for. In our activity, we created our own ‘Inner Courtyards’ to reflect our lives and the joyful memories within.

Week Ending 12/3/21

It was lovely to have the class back together again this week! We have already delved into our new Science topic of ‘Forces’ and this week we were learning all about gravity. To prove the existence of gravity, we dropped balls of different masses from the same height and watched them fall to the ground. As we kept experimenting, we realised they fell to the ground at the same time! It is the reasons why this happened that we will be looking into next week…

Week Ending 5/3/21

It has been lovely to see how you all have embraced World Book Day and all the activities linked to it throughout the week; from our front covers and blurbs of ‘After the Fall’, to our very own Masked Reader competition: I hope you all had a good time doing it!

You have all done a superb job throughout our time in lockdown, both with remote learning as well as everything else, and I’m looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces again on Monday!

Week Ending 26/2/21

It has been wonderful to see how creative we have been with delving into the new technology of Google Drawings! So far we have made buildings and animals, but there are many more possibilities to explore; I’m looking forward to doing more of this in the future!

Week Ending 12/2/21

Wonderful work with all your Viking games Year 5! A fantastic mix of well designed, creative and original ideas! Hope you enjoy playing them over the half term break!

Week Ending 5/2/21

It was wonderful to see everyone really embracing Mental Health Week this week! We expressed ourselves and shared emotions through song, dance, art and much more!

Week Ending 29/1/21

Lovely to see your creativity shining through in your sellotape artwork this week! Keep it up Year 5!

Week Ending 22/1/21

Wonderful to see your Science experiments with the salt crystals forming! In some cases, they formed in places we wouldn’t expect!

Week Ending 15/1/21

In English, for the past two weeks, we have focused on the story of ‘Wing’ and I have been really impressed with the high quality of writing that has been produced; we gave the characters very interesting dialogue, created beautifully descriptive dream poems and showed great expression when producing drama scripts! I hope we all enjoyed ‘Wing’ and that we are looking forward to our next story on Monday!

Narrative poem 1

Narrative poem 2

Week Ending 8/1/21

For our new Science topic, Year 5 have been learning about different materials. The children investigated the properties of different materials and how they help them fulfil their functions and also conducted an experiment to investigate the solubility of different substances from around the house!

Week Ending 18/12/20

Week Ending 13/12/20

For our final activity in our Science topic on the Solar System, we designed an experiment to test how the moon got its craters. We dropped marbles (meteors) from different heights into a container of flour (the surface of the moon) and we recorded the diameter of the crater. Some of our work ended up looking a lot like the real surface of the moon!

Week Ending 4/12/20

Continuing with our Science work, this week we were looking at the different phases of the moon. We conducted an investigation of how best to demonstrate what the moon looks like at each different phase; in the end, we used Oreos as a clear visual image, while also resisting the temptation to eat them!

Week Ending 27/11/20

In Science, we have been learning all about space and the Solar System. This week, we learnt the names and we investigated the sizes of the different planets in the Solar System. We also measured how far away each of the planets were relative to each other (on a smaller scale!).  Even on such a small scale, we were still a long way away from each other!

Week Ending 20/11/20

In English this week, Year 5 have been learning all about Cinquain poetry; this is a special type of poem which has a very specific structure: the poem must be five lines long and each line has a certain number of syllables. We shared ideas for different themes to use as our poems and we created our poems around these themes, making sure to adhere to the structure!

Week Ending 13/11/20

This week, Year 5 have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptian afterlife and we have created fact files to show what we have discovered. We found out about the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony and the embalming process: what they do to the bodies before placing them in the tomb. We also discovered that the Egyptians believed their souls had to travel through the dangerous underworld and be judged by Osiris, the God of the Dead, before they could reach the afterlife!

Week Ending 6/11/20

In Maths this week, Year 5 have been learning about collecting and interpreting data. We discussed the best ways to present data in different situations and created a range of graphs and tables to present our data.

Week Ending 23/10/20

Throughout this month, for Black History Month, Year 5 have been learning all about the history of black people in our country and around the world to raise their awareness of what has happened in the past. We learnt about the stories and the hardships of these individuals and we then designed posters to celebrate their achievements.

Week Ending 16/10/20

In Art this week, we continued with our design for the Egyptian sculptures. We practised drawing profiles of different ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses that could decorate the sculptures and then we mapped out different techniques which we could apply to create the finished product.

Week Ending 9/10/20

For the past few weeks, we have all been working hard at a variety of PSHE and Art-based lessons. In our PSHE we have been focusing on ourselves and how we can stay happy and safe; to link to this, in Art we have created self-portraits, focusing on our use of shading to create detail and shadow.

Week Ending 2/10/20

This week we have started our new topic about Ancient Egypt! We have already learnt much about the different pharaohs and how they were buried in the necropolis called the Valley of Kings. Our art is also linked to the Egyptians; we have started by practising different mediums to draw hieroglyphs and deciding which ones were best.

Week Ending 25/9/20

For the past few weeks, we have all been working hard at a variety of PSHE and Art-based lessons. In our PSHE we have been focusing on ourselves and how we can stay happy and safe; to link to this, in Art we have created self-portraits, focusing on our use of shading to create detail and shadow.

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