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Year 3

Week Ending 16/11/18

This week we have been working on anti bullying week and the importance of making the right choices and to choose respect. We have also been fundraising and supporting the children in need cause this week with crazy hair day. Lots of the class participated and helped to raise money for the children that need it.  

Week Ending 9/11/18

During our first week back we have been learning different types of rolls in gymnastics. We ended by trying to apply our skills to move a hula hoop from one end of the team to another through our ability of rolling.

Week Ending 26/10/18

This week we were lucky to have Miss Picton take Year 3 out for a morning of outdoor learning. They used their scientific knowledge to make their own compasses using a magnet and a bowl of water to navigate their way around the school site. They also used different materials from around the school site to create pictures. Sadly, we now say good bye to Miss Picton and a MASSIVE good luck for her future adventures. The class really appreciate all the hard work she has put in this year and when she was their teacher last year too.

Week Ending 19/10/18

In maths we work hard on our times tables, we have been using this to help our multiplication work. We have started to use the grid method to times 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

Week Ending 12/10/18

For English we have been studying different poem types, focusing on adverb poems and ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. We have used the same poetic framework as the sound collector to write our own poems. All the class did really well and were proud of their work. We hope you enjoy reading these examples…

Week Ending 5/10/18

During our time in computing this term we have been using the program Scratch to introduce coding. This week we have been exploring different characters (known as sprites) to use. We took our time to design our own sprite.

Week Ending 28/9/18

This week we have been using our artistic talents to mix colours ready to paint our pictures of a hydra. We practised drawing the mythical beasts last week ensuring that they were ready to paint. Watch this space for the finished product.


Week Beginning 17/9/18

To help celebrate Roald Dahl day we have been studying the book “The Twits”. We have been using the book to develop our drama skills and to write play scripts about pranks that they could have played on each other.


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