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Year 5

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Week Ending 17/5/19

As promised from last week, here are just a selection of the lovely poems we created from our lovely morning out on the field last week.

This week, we took our learning outside (the weather was perfect for it!) and wrote about what friendship means to us. Emily Dickinson adored her friends and they meant a lot to her, just like our friends mean a lot to us! We wrote some lovely descriptive paragraphs out in the sun. Below, are some pictures of us working out on our field; the video just shows how quiet and peaceful we found working outside and we were incredibly focused.

Week Ending 10/5/19

This week in English we have been learning about Emily Dickinson. We have really enjoyed reading her poems and understanding the old English terms and vocabulary choices. We knew that Emily Dickinson was really inspired by her surroundings; these were evident in all her poems.

We decided to use our own surroundings to create our own poems. Our school field is beautiful and we are really lucky to have such a vast amount of space. We collected evidence from our school field, looking high and low, far and wide, building up as much as we could find to prepare us for our poetry.

Stay tuned to see our pieces of poetry next week!

Week Ending 5/4/19

We have had assessment week in Year 5, and we have all worked immensely hard, showcasing our knowledge that we have learnt throughout Year 5 so far. We are looking forward to recapping on all the things we found tricky, next term!

However, we had a brilliant science workshop delivered to us by Professor Bubbleworks on Thursday! We learnt that our bodies are really good conductors of electricity and we got to experiment with plasma balls (a lot of us were keen to go home and ask our parents to buy one so we could experiment at home!) We also made slime and learnt that slime is neither a solid, liquid nor a gas, but a state-of-matter in between!

Year 5 have worked incredibly hard this term and I hope they have a wonderful rest, before the last term of Year 5 begins!

Week Ending 29/3/19

This week, Mrs Dykes and Miss. Scantlebury were completely blown away by the superb quality of writing by their lovely class!

For the last two weeks, we have focused on ‘performance poetry’. We have looked at the great features of a good piece of performance poetry, as well as learning a little more on the importance of rhyme and onomatopoeia.

This all led to our main task this week, which was to write and then perform our own piece of performance poetry in front of our class.

The children presented brilliantly, with amazing expression and intonation and managed to make the adults well up with tears from their passion!

We have a few performance stars in the making in Year 5!

Week Ending 22/3/19

Due to our very busy week last week, we finally had the opportunity to partake in a fun post science-week activity!

On Monday, we had a mini nature visit and spent some time at our school pond. We used our senses and identified what we could hear, see, smell and used our findings to create some beautiful poems about our school pond.

Week Ending 15/3/19

Miss. Scantlebury, Mrs. Dykes and Mrs. Clark were all so proud of Year 5 this week during their trip to Hazard Alley!

29 excitable children boarded the coach for an hour long journey to Milton Keynes; their behaviour there and back was fantastic!

Our day was filled with learning valuable life lessons and skills on road safety, being safe near train tracks and how important it is to wear our seatbelts. We also had a go at making emergency 999 calls, learning what to say and how to ensure we relay the correct information for the correct service we needed.

Week Ending 8/3/19

This week, we have been working super hard in Maths. We started the week focusing on the perimeter and area of shapes, before moving on to finding the area of compound shapes. At the end of the week, we used multi links to find the volume of shapes, where we needed to multiply the LxWxH! Take a look at our pictures!

Also, we were lucky enough to meet Sue Hampton, an amazing author who was very open about her life with alopecia. She has inspired many of us to be confident in ourselves and be happy with who we are; thank you Sue!

Week Ending 1/3/19

We have been so busy and we’ve only been back to school this week!

Tuesday we enjoyed an excellent visit from a lady from Hazard Alley, teaching us all about gas safety. We learnt about how gases are formed, the different gas appliances that might be in our homes and signs to look out for if something isn’t quite right and we smell gas!

This week, we’ve been working really hard in English wring persuasive letters. Our task this week was to write a letter to Theresa May, persuading her to take pollution in our country more seriously. Our work is included underneath, and is also on display for our parents to see at Parents Evening, next week!

Week Ending 15/2/19

We all did amazingly well this week, creating our own interpretation of The Great Wave, using pointillism!

Our artwork looks amazing, and in two afternoons, we managed to create our beautiful pieces, depicting the ‘harbour wave’.

Week Ending 8/2/19

Miss Scantlebury would like to say a MASSIVE well done to all her children in her class this week! You have worked immensely hard on your class assembly. Your resilience and determination is admired!

I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Well done!

Week Ending 25/1/19

This term, we have started learning about Extreme Earth. One of the tasks in our homework was to research about an aspect of Extreme Earth! We could write about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis or even tornados! Take a look at some of the fact-files we’ve created so far!

Week Ending 18/1/19

We have been busy at work this week writing our own mystery stories!  We really enjoy being creative and writing stories, letting our imagination come to life.

We made sure we had our detective and prime suspects in place, and linked our setting to an extreme earth concept!

Have a read at some snippets of our stories!

Week Ending 7/12/18

Year 5 loved their visit from the Hare Krishna!

We learnt lots about the religion!  We learnt about the history of the Gods and Goddesses and why they’re so important in the religion; we even got to dress up as famous Gods and Goddesses!

Take a look at our pictures!

Week Ending 23/11/18

“What would happen if we had more planets in the solar system?” Well, why not give it a go!

Year 5 created their own planets, this week! We thought about the style and design of the planet, along with creating a fact file of our new planet!

Week Ending 16/11/18

This week, Year 5 have been writing their explanation texts! We have focused for a full two weeks on how to structure our texts and all the features that needed to be included!

What made it most interesting? We were able to write a text based on our own cracking contraptions!

Take a look at our work!

Week Ending 9/11/18

Our classroom was outside, this week!

We had a great afternoon taking our learning outside! Some of us were a little hesitant to get muddy at first, but by the end we all were covered in mud; a success!!

Take a look at us outside making tree spirits!

Week Ending 26/10/18

Year 5 went to Africa for the morning!

We were in for a treat when we had the opportunity to do some African Drumming! We all had such a lovely morning, learning about the origins of drumming and enjoyed it even more when we got to play the drums and make some music!

Week Ending 19/10/18

Thursday 18th October; the day we learnt to skate!

We had so much fun learning how to use a skateboard! We learnt the basics first of balancing and maintaining good posture on our boards, before we got in to the fun bit… skating!!

We learnt how to pull each other along first, before we skated on our own; we all even tried a ‘180 flip’!

2020 Olympics here we come!

Week Ending 12/10/18

We have really enjoyed writing our Cinquain poetry this week! It is a style of poetry that is new to us, but we did really well! Our poems had to consist of 5 lines with a 2,4,6,8,2 syllable pattern!

Week Ending 5/10/18

This week, we had a chance to conclude our pieces of artwork; we had the opportunity to create a scene from the war. In our first lesson we painted our backgrounds, and in our second lesson we used pieces of black card to create a silhouette effect. Amazingly talented Year 5’s!

Week Ending 28/9/18

We are coming to an end with our focus on addition and subtraction using column method this week! We have added and subtracted 4-digit numbers from 5-digit numbers and learnt the techniques of borrowing and carrying over! We have enjoyed putting our skills in to practice and using column method with real-life problems!

Week Beginning 17/9/18

This week, Year 5 have been creating their own interpretations of WW2 pictures. We have used different techniques of shading and cross-hatching to create some beautiful pieces of art!

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