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Aims & Values

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement as developed by the children is:

Play Together, Learn Together, Achieve Together, Grow Together

For us this encapsulates the work we do at Newberries through four key processes, each influencing the success of the others. All these are achieved through a strong partnership between pupils, staff, parents, governors and our wider communities.

Aims and Values

To create a caring, stimulating environment where all pupils:

  • feel valued and develop a lifelong love of learning
  • become independent, self confident¬† and motivated learners
  • achieve the highest possible standards through the provision of a broad,¬† balanced and creative curriculum
  • develop the personal and social skills to understand the responsibilities they have for themselves and others
  • develop an understanding of and respect for the beliefs and feelings of others, celebrating diversity

These values underlie our aims:

  • personal and emotional well being
  • well rounded individual
  • achieving potential
  • positivity and enthusiasm – fun
  • mutual respect

School Vision

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