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Keeping Safe


Remember that using computers and other technologies can be great fun, but it is very important to keep safe online. Always tell an adult if you have seen or experienced something whilst on line or using other technoliges that make you feel uncomfortable. Remember you can download Hector! He can swimon your screen at home just as he does at school to remind you to keep safe and help you to cover your screen if something upstes you.

Download Hector from here – remember to always ask an adult first before you download something.

If you would like to watch some of Hector’s film clips and understand more about keeping safe online follow the link below. Always check with an adult before you access a new website.

eSafety Resources

Here are some links for parents which provide information on the current E-Safety risks and guidelines for young people.

eSafety Advice

There are many apps and websites children may be using, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Ask.FM. Did you know that all of the above mentioned have an age restriction of 13 as a minimum?

Video games are an exciting and immersive form of entertainment for children, but do you know exactly what content is included in the games your children are playing? The PEGI rating system is included on all UK video game releases, and provides legal minimum age requirements. Read the information on their website for what each age ranged game could contain, and check carefully the box for any game you buy for your children to ensure it is age appropriate.

Need Someone to Talk to?

Remember it is always important to talk to someone if you are worried about something.

  • Talk to an adult you trust at home
  • Talk to an adult you trust at school
  • Use the ‘Worry Box’ in your classroom if you would like someone to talk to you.


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