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Aims of the PTA

The PTA raises money and awareness for the school’s needs.

We are continually working hard to raise funds for the school and hope you will support us in any way you can.

Sadly, cuts in government funding mean the school has to rely increasingly on the PTA to provide equipment as well as nice-to-haves for our children.

Newberries Schools receives the minimal Government funding per pupil.  As the school is not located in a deprivation area, there is little extra funding.

In the past few years the PTA has funded refurbishment of the ICT suite and the school stock of iPads, all of which are in use on a daily basis. Without PTA involvement our children simply would not have this equipment in school.

The school, governors and PTA are currently working on new initiatives which will receive funding from our continued efforts.

Please visit our fundraising website today to learn more www.newberriespta.org.uk

Future Events

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Ways You Can Help

Any contribution, however small, makes a vital difference to the quality of our children’s school lives. Parents can help in a number of ways, from attending events to considering some form of sponsorship. These include:

  • Volunteer for events and be part of the PTA committee
  • Direct Debit contributions
  • Sponsoring a piece of equipment on the school wish list – details tbc
  • Matched funding of an event or part of an event: do you own a company or work for one who will do this?
  • An annual donation to the school (please ask to see sponsorship package options)
  • A one-off donation (please ask to see options)

There are a number of initiatives which will also help donate to the school. These include:

  • Open Estates in Radlett has offered to donate £150 to the school for each sale or purchase made by Newberries School parents, so please consider using the company if you are buying or selling a property.
  • Easy Fundraising contributes to the school when you shop online from a wide variety of retailers. It is very easy to use and there is an app for phones and tablets. If you use Amazon please download and shop through this app – it so easy!!! Easy Fundraising
  • Stamptastic. This is an innovative, permanent way to name your children’s school uniform and equipment. Simply enter the code ‘Newberries PTA’ at checkout and the school will receive 25% of the sale. Stamptastic.co.uk
  • Rag Bag. Please place all your unwanted clothing, shoes and sheets in the Rag Bag recycling bin in the school car park. Rag Bag sorts the items and either recycles them or donates them to Africa. The school receives money for every kilo collected.

If you would like more information about any of these initiatives, please contact the PTA at ptanewberries @gmail.com

Sponsors and Links

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